Mistake-1 will let us deeper in Steve's past, why and how did he get to the asylum. Not just the asylum will be the only place, Rick's last workplace and home as well. We'll find out he had a wife and a normal life, which is radically changed due a murder...

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Much better and longer than the original one. Each monster took me by complete surprise and the story got better as I played further through. There were some parts that were very hard, such as the annoying final battle. Also, some puzzles took me a while to figure out.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to playing Grey.


Don't forget to play Mistake:

Mistake is a great, original, and creepy mod. The ambience of the facility is for the most part very austere, forlorn, and suspenseful.

More and more monsters do appear only towards the end of this mod. The textures are very high quality and also original.

I did have to use 'no-clip' cheats at least a hand-ful of times in order to be able to enter closed and locked doors and gates -that were 'supposed' to "open," but which failed to unlock and open due to some errors in the scripts of this mod. If I had not used the 'no-clip' cheats, I would've been stuck and would not have been able to continue my journey through this mod...

"Mistake" is one of the best Half-life user mods I have played through. I wish that it were significantly longer. It isn't a 'short' mod but it isn't very long and would've been a much better mod -near perfect- had it been significantly longer. I rate "Mistake" an 8/10.

Great atmosphere, custom textures, level detail, mapping skills etc.

I liked this mod. A lot. I didn't get a chance to play Mistake, though. Perhaps I'll try again? It is Halloween soon after all.


One of the best mods that i had the pleasure to play. awesome maps and monsters, the soundtrack is pure gold and the animations are excellent.

the mod is cool!but you have a modification of paranoia(half life mod)

great maps!
great models!
great textures!
great ambience and sound!

I suggest that if you want to improve, improve the suspense.


This was pretty nice mod, MUCH more mature than first Mistake.
I gave this 7/10.


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I love it!

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