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adamstrange @ D-day v3.7 beta release

Just one minor detail that I noticed is that the blue planes sitting in front of the hangars should have a shadow under them.

Other than that, Dude, this really looks like a finished indie game.

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adamstrange @ Command & Conquer: Generals Universe

I hate.XML also.

It make modding this game very hard compared to Generals/ZH using the .INI file format.

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adamstrange @ SysMod ( Wrath Mod )

This is a great mod.
I just started playing this and I'm hooked on not only the Parictle Effects but also on the sounds.

I think that the Crawler should have a louder and deeper impact sound when it lands, create more smoke and maybe cause a little damage to any unit nearby.

It should build special tanks and mechs that can't be built at the regular factory.

Also all tanks,falling aircraft & big units as well as Superweapons buildings,Power Plants and Mobile Bases should create blast damage to nearby units when destroyed.

I was playing a mod that had this flying ship that launched attack aircraft and when this ship went down its causes a nice amount of damage to nearby units.

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adamstrange @ KW Reloaded 1.5

How can I make a few changes to the mod for personal use ?

I want to remove the fog of war and give the ion cannon an increase.

I tried to edit the gamedata.ini in FinalBig but I get lots of errors.

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adamstrange @ CNC3 A New Experience

I tried this mod but tit doesn't work.

You can only go as far as the menu because the cursor doesn't show up so you can't navigate to click on any of the tabs.

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adamstrange @ UltraMammoth Mod

This mod is really cool.

Please release a new update.

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adamstrange @ MidEast Crisis 2

This to me is not a mod but a full blown game.

The guys or guys who put this together could have been contacted to actually do an official addon for CNC3 and this would have been it.

I hope that there is a version 3 where the Iraqi,Iranian,Syrian & Egyptian forces are added.

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adamstrange @ CNC Fallout

I love this mod but I find it has a few minor problems.

First off is the update with the new camera angles.

This should be some sort of option that you can select or not as its good for taking screenshots or filming but bad for gameplay.

I would like to zoom much farther out but not with a top-down view.

The second problem [and this is only if I have the right mod so I may be mistaken] is that I've seen an American LongBow Helicopter model on the Russian side.

But to me the big problem is that the models all look as if they have been burnt.

Everything looks dark & dirty instead of realistically textured.
I've would have given the USSR red & olive green texture colors ,Nato blue & white.

Australia on the other hand I haven't a clue why it's even in the game.

The cold war was between the United States / Nato & the Soviet Union / Warsaw Pact.

Australia is not nor has it ever been part of Nato.

I would remove it from the game and add the United States,Warsaw Pact & maybe China.

What I would like to see are more large scale city maps,a large variety of new player colors and an option to turn off the fog of war.

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