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Here I explore the disparity between the developer and consumer.

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The consumer is selfish. Think of consumer as "id". It only wants what it wants. Naturally, when it gets a chance to interject ideas into the development-sphere, they will typically offer ideas that suit their own personal preferences: In other words, consumers are demanding and lazy. Why lazy, you might ask? Well because for how enthusiastic they are about their favorite product, and despite how much they'd like to shape the direction of that franchise or project: there is a reason they are classified as a consumer. Consumers either are 1) unable to contribute to ongoing projects 2) they are too lazy. Either way, the distinction exists. I think that the modding scene only serves to exacerbate this phenomenon (at least within the hl2 community); with an expectation for free stuff, comes an expectation for a "life-time" of development and new content.

Alas, we all come to that point when we realise that people have more important things to do with their time, or simply wish to not spend more of their new time on that project.

That is something I don't think some people quite understand yet.

In life, I've really taken the long and hard road, at least, it's where I ended up, so I know what it's like to be a flailing consumer. I mean, let's just say back in 2011, I tried to get a project together, but I so much as learned the basics of Photoshop and did some concept art. Was I just too scared to get out of my comfort zone? Was a I just a little incompetent with above average-consumer level computer tasks? Yes, and no: In that, I'd say it had more to do with the first than the latter.

Don't get me wrong. I know what it's like to not be that saavy with computer. It takes time, discipline, and the ability to maintain an ordered system without letting things go in disarray. I, myself am still very much an amateur, but I hope to be a... not quite an "inspiration" but that kick in the rear to say "hey dude, just start small, start with the basics, but more importantly, get your hands dirty"

bruhvocompany™ Author

I see now that "articles" are supposed to be specifically related to an update or news item related to an on-going development: as a group coordinator, Firearms: Source server operator, and *independent* (amateur) mapper, contributing to the Firearms: Source community content, come and see what's cookin: (trust me it's worth it)

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Very good ideas here. It is a very true statement indeed.

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