The end is nigh. The infected are lurking everywhere and chances of survival are slim. Left 4 Dead focuses on the story of 4 individuals and their harrowing battles against the hordes of the infected that roam the streets. What about other survivors? What would they look like and what kind of deformed monstrosities would they be up against?


The Contest

This is your chance to create your own rendition of a survivor or boss infected that fits into the Left 4 Dead universe. Win copies of L4D games and sweet zombie-related swag for you and your friends! What are you waiting for, the zombie apocalypse?

The long and short of it is we have some great prizes to give away and we want to see some creative output from you guys. Design your own version of an additional survivor or boss infected that looks like it would fit into the Left 4 Dead universe (download game media here). Entries can be 2D or 3D (no monochrome models or wireframes, please), or even a mix of both. Winning entries will be chosen by a panel of Mod DB and Valve judges and announced a few days before Left 4 Dead hits store shelves!

The Prizes

There will be one grand prize winner and two runners up, prizes tab has the full breakdown.

Grand Prize

As the grand prize winner you win a brand spanking new XBOX 360 and a copy of Left 4 Dead for the XBOX (or if you are a PC gamer you win a video card of the same value as the XBOX and Left 4 Dead for the PC).

Runner Up

As the runner up, you receive 4 copies of Left 4 Dead for the PC so you can team up with 3 of your mates and take on the Zombie apocalypse.

The Deadline

The competition is closed, the entries have been posted and the winners have been announced. AWESOME work everyone! You have until this counter hits zero to submit your entry, so get sketching!

The Judges

Your entry will be judged by Scott, Ryan, Dave and Mark from Mod DB, and a special guest judge from Valve Yasser Malaika. Each judge will pick their top 3 and the 2 entries with the most votes will be the winners.

How to Enter

Entrants may submit one entry for each of the two categories (survivors and infected). Finished renderings must be your original creation. When your crowning achievement is complete, submit your final entry by following the instructions below:

  1. Firstly, we require you to join in the competition discussion and share your work in progress shots in this forum thread so we can provide feedback and help you on your way to winning!
  2. When your work is ready for submission, please zip it up and email it through to us.

The Rules

By entering this competition you agree to abide by all rules found on the rules tab. You must read this before submitting your entry. Good luck survivors!

The Survivors