The end is nigh. The infected are lurking everywhere and chances of survival are slim. Left 4 Dead focuses on the story of 4 individuals and their harrowing battles against the hordes of the infected that roam the streets. What about other survivors? What would they look like and what kind of deformed monstrosities would they be up against?


The response was overwhelming. We received 70+ entries (which you can see below), some with detailed documentation, others with shots of their character in action. Valve was impressed and so were we, some brilliant ideas here for Infected bosses we would like to tackle. Without further ado, here are your entries (goto the gallery for comments about all images)

Your Concepts

1111L4D JackAllen Herder AlexFundoraL4D Andrey frank Bugger by Moddb Pk7677 chimera3 Chris Haggard 04 Craig Breeder cbruyn creeper DavidBoyleZombieFinal drentralcomp copy Edwardo brianpilot eric l4dbossdraft Ethan bleeder Fede INFECTED Fede nurse CONCEPT final Gnawer L4D Concept Art Comp Gunner Final house3 INFECTED infectedboss InfectedFinal Infected Concept low res Jose Vicky Waitress Final Joshua L4D concept Gluttony l4dsurvivor fin l4dzombie fin L4D Bleeder ZeeGermans l4d boss santa final l4d eugene final L4D infected L4D survivor l4d survivor cynthia final l4d wailer final LEFT 4 DEAD CONCEPT Left4Dead ConceptArt SRH Final left4deadFinal Last LoganBurnside final Mastermind Infected MelissaConcept3 Michaela we kill zobies high def 2 MuteConcept3 okita L4d front OutlawIIIwolf Frank OutlawIIIwolf Monarch Photo 2008 11 15 19 12 1 Rice l4d art riotzombiefl RobMechanic Roger ROGERHOM blisterhead Romain tiffy no logo Rosen crawler Sam screamer Sankt Martin Left 4 Dead Zombie Scan10012 ShreddarZombie final Siren HIGHres Steve zbie Subprime survivor Survivor Concept SURVIVOR DOC final SURVIVOR survivor comp copy Survivor Concept low res Survivour Wash Final The child2 The Psycho theworker the butcher Tumor Vian final welder2 Xaketh lfd fin zombie final LARGE Zombie v2