The world was once peaceful, calm and most people were comfortable with their way of life. One day they were forced to break out of that routine when a catostrophic event hit now known as the great flood. Overflowing towns, spilling through homes, scattering the truth of all life that existed before; forcing these people to adapt, survive, and overcome! With this new life style came new skills; weapon making, exploring and inventing and with these new innovative minds Zenith Falls has a chance to be flourshing as it once was.

Help restore Zenith Falls by exploring, finding the truth, inventing , adapting and becoming a Great Voyager!

Zenith Falls is a multiplayer (16 lobby) MMO, Hack and Slash, Exploration game where players take on the role of new age explorers, traveling by the use of airships around a sunken world, forced to gather artifacts from towers left by unknown orgins that are known as the "Lunar Towers". Alone or with a team travel the sunken world to uncover new gear, attack other players, uncover secret knowledge or start a new land!

Players start off in Lunar City, a branched off community of survivors that live on the tallest of the Lunar Towers, though the city is small it has become a safe haven for survivors around the sunken world.

• Air Travel
Lunar City offers a few ways to start off traveling to other that can be found by climbing up the two ladders, on the right you will find hovercrafts which are free driven to any destination, on the left you will find an airship with a pilot waiting for someone to start flight.

• Customization
You character design, weapons, skills and aura color are all customizable to make you stand out more than other players. You can edit you equipment by using the lockers in Lunar City.

• Combat
You weapons will automatically be taken out when the time arrives, combat relies on stamina which needs to be conserved, when attacking with your off hand weapon stamina is not used, so this is best use when times are dire.

• PvP
You can be attacked when not in a safe haven, groups will need to travel by airship and solo players can travel by hovercraft, air combat is easy to evade. When landed or camping out is most dangerous as players can easily sneak up on unexpected players.

W,A,S,D - Move
RIGHT MOUSE - Left Attack
LEFT MOUSE - Right Attack
1 - Interact
Q - Stab
E - Hero Strike (hold until you see sparks)
R - Special Strike
SPACE - Roll
TAB - Toggle Dash Mode

Discord: Discord.gg
Twitter: Twitter.com
Facebook: Facebook.com

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Open Alpha


Zenith Falls

Today we put our team on a new focus, awareness. The alpha version is ready to play, now we need to get people excited. We want to know your thoughts, ideas, and expectations for the future, currently, the world you explore will be offline in the released alpha, but future versions will hold up to 16 players in a world.

The idea we have currently is players can join with friends or team up mid-game if you happen to run into other players they can choose to attack you and steal all your gold or team up with you.

Right now we have automatically unlocked a few items to test and left some to be purchased from vendors in the game.

Below you can read about some ideas we have to implement after networking.

Updating Weapons & Gear

We want to do so much more with the weapons and gear (side weapons), meaning that if you notice you have a life back attached to your back, this is the power source for weapons and is going to be implemented into every weapon we add in the future.

Remember even the weapons and gear are in alpha! We plan to make them all much more blended :)

Research Station

Use the artifacts and scattered parts you find around the world to create custom weapons & research blueprints for armors, gear, and special moves.

Customizable Vehicles

Currently, you can only drive the hovercraft and have the pilot drive the airship for you, we plan to allow airships to be driveable for groups. This will come with a customizable and upgradable system at your claimed land(read below) where you can add defenses, weapons, and cosmetics.

Claimable Land

Alongside the towers, you will find that with each update (spoiler) the waters will start to slowly lower and show more of the land underneath, at this time we want to make this land claimable by groups, meaning that after searching for towers you can claim an island and set up a temporary camp that will act as private headquarters for your team, this is where you will be upgrading ships, making top-tier weapons and more.

Why do this on claimable land? Main cities do not condone or allow violence of any sort, your weapons must be held at entrance centers and no dangerous items are not allowed to enter the borders so finding areas to freely research and develop is crucial.

PvP Focused

Beyond the world exploration and invention systems, we want to focus this on a world where being apart of a team is the main goal, teams will be maxed out at 4 to allow room for at least 4 separate groups inside of any world. Teams can claim a maximum of one land while opposing teams can attempt to steal and attack other lands for personal gain or for rare parts.

Tower Dungeons

As the water slowly lowers openings in the towers will reveal themselves, entering these openings will bring you and/or your team into a dungeon where you can battle remnants left from the creators of the towers.

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Zenith Falls

Zenith Falls


This is our offline demo build released to help us with development, DM us our join our communities if you find any issues!

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