Wolfram is a modern remake of Wolfenstein 3D, game created by id Software in 1992. It is designed mainly for those fans who wants to play old good game, but who is tired of pixelated sprite graphics. Well, many people could say that it is nonsense, retro games are distinctive and original and do not need any graphic enchancements. This is the point, but we, the authors, think in a different way. We hope that the remake will find it's niche and some of you guys will like it.


Once upon a time we looked for a modern remake for Wolfenstein3D, and we found some. But their quality left much to be desired; most of them were nothing but OpenGL ports with sprites replaced with models. We decided to create own remake on our engine, Volatile3D II, with two primary aims: first, experiment with retro game and get experience in such recast; second, give Volatile3D baptism of fire. Wolfram was not intended to reveal all the features of engine; this is actually an illustration of how to use it in fast development of simple 3D games.


Wolfram exploits some Volatile3D features, for example: per-pixel lighting with bump-mapping and parallax mapping; soft stencil shadows; refractions, cubemap reflections, mirrors; ragdoll physics. It brings new level of graphics to Wolfenstein levels, however they still lack details. Architecture was left intact to keep the original atmosphere, so was the original soundtrack. Gameplay contains stealth elements like the original game did: troopers patrol corridors, react sounds player produces, and can take no notice of player cloaking in shadows. There are four weapon types: knife, luger, mp40 and mg42. Amongst new features there are weapon realoading (NPCs also do that) and secondary attack (iron sight for firearms). Concept of "lives" was abolished, but player can save game at any point, and there are autosave triggers on every level. Searching for secrets, collecting treasure, fighting enemy troops, cloaking and bunny hopping - that's Wolfram.


Wolfram includes only the first episode of Wolfenstein 3D: 9 main levels and 1 secret level. These levels have been accurately ported keeping layout of items, enemies and geometry almost intact. It would be nice to port all the game, but we will never manage such amount of work.


To make the gameplay more versatile, a local achievement system is incorporated. Some achievements are easy to get, and some require you to explore levels thoroughly and fight the enemies in non-standard fashion. You won't consider to beat the game until you get all the achievements!


Please note that Wolfram is a standalone game, not a mod or total conversion. It won't require the original Wolfenstein 3D to be played.
Official website supports Russian language only. We are sorry for inconvenience and suggest to use online translator; however, most of the necessary information is provided herein. The game itself supports English language.
We use some resources from other games, for example, weapon models from "Day of Defeat" Half-Life mod. We were unable to find any modeller for help, therefore decided to release the game "as is". It is possible to replace such the resources later with a patch, however; the modeller's help is still welcome.
Wolfram intensively uses swastika and other nazi attributes due to it's concept, like the original Wolfenstein3D game. If such content is inappropriate for you, please download a special Nazi-symbols-free game version.
Please don't forget to download and install version 1.1 patch, especially if you want to play the game on Windows 7.

We are very interested in and grateful for any user comments and suggestions. Hope you like the game!

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Wolfram Patch 1.1 Logo

Despite our careful testing of Wolfram before the release, some players reported a certain amount of problems. The most critical was a crash on some systems. We have fixed all the errors found, and added an automated crash report system in case there will be found more problems. Besides we tried to take into consideration complaints about the balance.

So, what's new in Wolfram version 1.1?

  • Added CrashRpt system for automated crash report generation and submission.
  • Added "Level statistics" item to the Controls menu.
  • Flashlight range increased.
  • MP-40 bullet damage increased.
  • Luger reload time decreased.
  • MG-42 accuracy increased a bit in an IronSight mode for a crouched player.
  • Fixed bug with software sound which led to a crash.
  • Fixed bug with "Bloodlust" achievement, when it was enough to kill 3 enemies instead of 50.
  • Fixed a minor problem in a loopback network code.
  • Ragdoll intertia decreased.
US|EU Wolfram Patch 1.1 (English Version)
RU Wolfram Patch 1.1 (Russian Version)

Please note that the patch 1.1 must be installed over the proper release version. English patch is for US and European versions; russian patch is for the Russian version.

For those who still doubt whether to download and play Wolfram, we publish several new screenshots from E1M3 and E1M6 levels. Have you got psyched already?

Wolfram Released!

Wolfram Released!

News 64 comments

Wolfram, the modern Wolfenstein 3D remake, is out. Come and get it to plunge into the total flashback! No sprites - only the real, immersive 3D!

Main achievements - mane achievements!

Main achievements - mane achievements!

News 7 comments

Main achievements in Wolfram are "mane achievements"! Just kidding. These achievements are not so important, but I hope some people would be pleased...

Wolfram: Achievements

Wolfram: Achievements

Feature 7 comments

A complete list of Wolfram achievements is published. Now you know what to do in the game, except regular running-n-shooting. Some achievements are easy...

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Wolfram Patch 1.1 (English Version)

Wolfram Patch 1.1 (English Version)

Patch 30 comments

This is an update for Wolfram to version 1.1. There are several bug fixes, modifications and balance tweaks. This patch should be applied to either US...

Wolfram Patch 1.1 (Russian Version)

Wolfram Patch 1.1 (Russian Version)

Patch 2 comments

Это обновление Wolfram до версии 1.1. Исправлены некоторые баги, внесены изменения и улучшения...

Wolfram (Russian Version)

Wolfram (Russian Version)

Full Version 12 comments

Вольфрам - это современный ремейк игры Wolfenstein 3D, созданной студией id Software в далёком...

Wolfram (US Version)

Wolfram (US Version)

Full Version 61 comments

Wolfram is a modern remake of Wolfenstein 3D which was created by id Software in the distant 1992. It features modern graphics including per-pixel lighting...

Wolfram (European Version)

Wolfram (European Version)

Full Version 25 comments

Wolfram is a modern remake of Wolfenstein 3D which was created by id Software in the distant 1992. It features modern graphics including per-pixel lighting...

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wolfram.exe -console +com_cheats 1

Cheats I know;

god {-Godmode}
notarget {-Enemys don't attack}
noclip {-Walk through walls}

give weaponluger {-Get weapon/ammo}
give weaponmp40 {-Get weapon/ammo}
give weaponmg42 {-Get weapon/ammo}

weaponluger {-Switch to weapon}
weaponmp40 {-Switch to weapon}
weaponmg42 {-Switch to weapon}

(Slot1 Slot2 Slot3 Slot4 will work too)

give goldkey
give silverkey

changelevel e1m(?)


Is there any more that are known?

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You can also bind cheats to hotkeys in the config.cfg


bind SPACE "+moveup"
bind 0 "god"
bind 1 "slot1"
bind 2 "weaponluger"
bind 3 "weaponmp40"
bind 4 "weaponmg42"
bind 5 "give weaponluger"
bind 6 "give weaponmp40"
bind 7 "give weaponmg42"
bind 8 "noclip"
bind 9 "notarget"

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Still crashes in the same place 2nd or 3rd room after the start.

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I must say i'm greatly impressed with this remake but I have some problems. Using the flashlight or progressing past the room with the two paths makes the game freeze. Any help?

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здравствуйте у меня такой вопрос а как запустить игру на 64 разрядной версии windows 10 а то я пробовал не вышло

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Wolfram essentially is a graphical update to the original Wolfenstein 3D created by id software. Splendidly, the game stays extraordinarily close to the original material; the updated graphics and animations enhance rather than hinder the experience.It is a pleasure to re-live nostalgic moments through HD glasses.

Although it is neither a mod nor a remake, this 'update' to Wolfenstein 3D is still fun to play and fun to look at.

Much thanks to the creator of Wolfram.

Jun 10 2012 by zwitt95

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