Our latest project is called "Virus!" and will be a Shoot 'em up with some RPG elements (leveling up and character development). It will be available for Windows, MAC and Linux. We have not yet decided if it will be available as native Android app (via Crosswalk) or for iOS.


The player takes control over a Virus and needs to infect other bacteria and organisms to collect DNA and take over the infected creature. The player Virus will level up and grow in strenght over time to be able to infect bigger and more dangerous organisms. Sometimes a Mutagen can be found after a bossfight or when exploring to improve the players skills and abilities.
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Our new Bl4ckSh33p-Soft Launcher is now available as public ALPHA.It will be used to show all important news and updates in one place and update our future games and software. It's completely free and we would love to hear your feedback. The launcher is available in German and English.

Here are some screenshots:



Revealed: Our new Game "Virus!"

Revealed: Our new Game "Virus!"


We announced a new project a few weeks ago and after making some progress and entering an early alpha stage we are now ready to tell you a bit more about...

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