Viking Raid a game where you play as a group of Vikings that raids Saxon Villages. Right now, we're going to be focusing on gameplay, so the actual strategy raid, but if people like the project we may turn it into a 4X game (which means adding a strategic map to choose where and who should attack and when). There will be five game modes/tactics you can employ: -Conquest: You just attack the village and win resources. -Assassinations: You get paid in coins to kill a specific target. -Sabotage: In these missions you play only as one viking (occasionally with a few more) and must place traps, and see them unfold in a cinematic camera. -Siege: This mode is only unlocked after a village is at 90% awareness. After 90% awareness, they build huge stone walls around the village, which means you have to build siege equipment to destroy it. You will be able to customize your unique vikings individually, and see them gain traits which hugely affect gameplay. --COMING OUT 2014-- -Video Game Inn

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Saxon Grave


A Saxon appears to have been buried here. RIP.

In other news, we're almost done making the combat system. We can't, of course, give an exact date, but we're hoping to have a playable demo by mid-December.

Tell us in the comments your thoughts on the game, what you would like to see, or any other questions, which we will endeavour to answer.

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