Untold Worlds will be an RPG that will be different every time you play through it. The world, story, setting, characters, monsters, weapons, and more will be randomly created and can change through your actions. You will have the option to customize your experience, and I wish to make it as mod friendly as I can. How will you live in your untold world?

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Hey, Psyrek here with another update on the world generation.

I've been busy the last few days, but managed to fiddle with the generator and it's slowly getting better.

I'm planning on introducing a terrain LOD so the closer you are the more detailed it will be.

But for now here are a few shots of the latest progress.

Latest Terrain Generation - Desert

Latest Terrain Generation - Forest

Latest Terrain Generation - Snowy Hills
Snowy Hills

Latest Terrain Generation - Aerial View
Aerial View

That's about it for now. I'll be sure to update you when I get the terrain LOD working :)

Hope you enjoy, and have a good one!

Update to the World Generation

Update to the World Generation

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After making some changes to the world generation. I've decided to share the current state of it. Yeah it's still a bit rough. But that'll change in time...

World Map Foundation

World Map Foundation

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The world is slowly coming into 3D now! The real world will be MUCH larger.

On ModDB!

On ModDB!


Untold Worlds is now on ModDB! Just a quick hello to everyone.

psyrek Creator
psyrek - - 18 comments

Had a bunch of work pop up on me, but that's finished now. Should be able to get some progress again :)

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psyrek Creator
psyrek - - 18 comments

Thanks for tracking :) Might be a few days before I get an update out. Been one busy week for me and my family. So gonna work hard to get some progress again.

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katjasamuelsson - - 12 comments

Awesome idea. =)
So tired of all these "stiff", linear games.

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Tesrym - - 4 comments

Cheers! :)

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Giamme - - 98 comments


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Winsberg - - 206 comments

cool cool

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Latest posts from @gravelabgames

Taking a break from coding today. It's my daughters b-day :)

May 22 2013

Forest image - Untold Worlds Game Moddb.com via @ModDB

May 21 2013

Finally generating something that resembles a tree :O

May 21 2013

More progress done with the leaf generator. Just a bit more before I start piecing them to the trees, and start populating the game world :)

May 15 2013

Got some progress generating leaves. Also the tree gen is back to where it was before I lost all the progress. Backups are now frequent :)

May 11 2013

Had a power outage that made me lose all progress on my tree generation. Started from scratch and now back to where I was before.

May 9 2013

Or not, wife wants to go to the mall now. Maybe after =p

May 2 2013

Alright, might get some real coding done for a bit :)

May 2 2013

Had the in-laws stay over the last couple days. Might not get much programming time in for a couple days more. :(

Apr 30 2013

Mucked around with the flora fauna a bit more. Now satisfied with it's current stability. Going to work on adding branches, after I sleep :)

Apr 29 2013