Speedball action/arcade hack n'slash brawler with a tactile twist. Nu-school action, old-school candy shell!

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Here's a highlight (personal fav) among the new features: The Car Smash!

You can now use cars as deadly explosive projectiles by smashing them into groups of enemies! The resulting blast is highly contagious and is likely to set off chain reactions, reducing surrounding enemies to a hot pile of bones!

Take a second to bask in the light of a screaming napalm inferno before reverting back to the ho-hum of splitting dudes in half, vertically. That's why we call it Turbo SMASH blade!

Can you dig it?!

Features included so far

1. 5 types of enemies, including:
- Thug = A reactive little pest who'd be a real pain if he wasn't so fun to kill!
- Samurai = A more intelligent unit that'll avoid your attacks and think twice before striking.
- Gunslinger = A crack-shot coward that'll fire at you from a distance with his trusty handgun.
- Kamikaze = Packed with explosives, he'll run you down a 'splode right in your damn face!
- Goliath = Heavily armored, yet slow. He has the capacity to stop you in your tracks.

2. Dynamic Camera: Intuitively tracks the action so you don't miss a thing!

3. Combo System: Get combos by slaying enemies in sequence for maximum scorage!

4. Charge Attack: Charge your attack to deliver a more devastating strike!

5. Interactive environment: A-hem... Car Smash! (see above)!

6. Numerous other goodies, stay tuned!

What we're working on now

1. Level design (Level 1 - FIGHT!)
2. GUI
3. Timer/Health Bar
4. Sound FX/ Music
5. New Environments!

Don't forget to follow us on twitter (@turbosmashblade) if you want the latest news and updates.


Turbo Smash Blade: Gameplay Teaser

Turbo Smash Blade: Gameplay Teaser

News 2 comments

We made a short video about what we're building in our basement so our relatives stop worrying about the strange noises.

Meet our new heroin, the psycho-pom-pom girl

Meet our new heroin, the psycho-pom-pom girl


Recent changes in the game art style! You're now super-cheerleader armed with a power tool. Acutely sharp.


This looks fantastic. Love that '90s techno music.

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I like how dynamic it looks.

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Awesome !

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That's cool... guess it'll be so much fun to slash those guys :D

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MarcinJP Creator

It's more than fun! It's a downright drug!

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