World domination is a thing of the past, so right now I'm mostly dealing with simulations. I also like riding giant sized crickets and run over dozens of carbon based humanoid 3D printings. I used to be a doctor, but apparently sewing a patient's head to a cat's body is not ethical enough for today's standards. The guy should have thanked me though - now he gets orgasms every time his feline larynx starts purring.

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Latest tweets from @drehrlichmann

Another day, another chance to use my plasma gun on these useless crickets.

Apr 22 2016

#NoHayNadaComo el crujir de huesos resonando en tus cócleas al masticar tus enemigos con unas mandíbulas de titanio.

Apr 21 2016

The Doctor is tired. Eating roasted cricket is exhausting!

Apr 21 2016

Smiling as I picture chariots driven by carbon-based 3D printed humanoid crickets raiding their homes and burning their sanctuaries.

Apr 20 2016

After almost 2 years of silence, I see at least 150 organic interfaces still read what the Doctor has to say. I'm only used to big crickets.

Apr 20 2016

Give the Doctor some love in his latest #gamedev experiment.

Dec 17 2014

Although...maybe I could just send him/me to another dimension in which I'm already dead...decisions...decisions...

Nov 12 2014

Sweet cricket Jesus. I accidentally made a clone of myself. There can only be one Dr. Ehrlichmann per Universe. Time to kill me.

Nov 12 2014

It's good to remember where we came from. A picture of myself before the government's attack to my lab. #Revenge

Nov 10 2014

RT @eigenbom: Hey check out this awesome ascii logo animation by @GridSageGames. And get hyped for COGMIND.

Nov 6 2014