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Time to Morp is a sandbox colony sim designed for both single and multiplayer. Build a base, gather resources, discover new technology and learn about Morps - curious little creatures that inhabit the planet!

Play your way!

  • 1-4 players - Time to Morp is a great solo experience, but it is even more fun with friends!

  • Customize and decorate - Customize the world as you see fit: add decorations, plant trees or terraform everything around you!

  • Play with Morps - The world is filled with cute and unique creatures - they will help you build, gather resources, and aid in exploration.

Multiplayer Steam

Make new friends!

  • You are never alone - Meet the Crew, make friends, assist them with tasks, or explore the world together!

  • Explore vast worlds - The world is filled with different biomes, events, activities, unique resources and secrets!

Quests Steam

Use your tech!

  • Automate everything - You can water, gather or move everything yourself. Or use tools to do it for you!

  • Unlock the technology - From Pumps for transportation, to Ziplines for faster travel, and so much more!

Automation GIF 2

As an Intern on your first mission, you have an opportunity to prove yourself, befriend the Crew, or discover secrets of this unknown planet! Follow the story to find the source of a SOS signal that brought you here, help creatures in distress, and help a lost soul to rejoin her family.

Playing with Morps Steam

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Welcome back, Interns!

We're excited to announce that the big patch v0.14 is finally live for you to try out all the fun stuff we've added to Time to Morp.

Let's dive straight into quick overview of the changes:

New Morp

New Morp, Cooker, Resources, Pink Deposit!

New Morp GIF

New Content

New Wind Generator, Armored Deposit and Crystal Generators!

New Wind Turbines GIF

New Player Skins

New Skins GIF

Map Generation

Available only when starting New Game!

New Map Generation GIF

And Other Improvements!

Search Bar in Researcher

Search Bar GIF

Skip Intro

Skip Intro

Move Buildings

Move Buildings GIF

Time to Morp Discount!

If you haven't had the opportunity to get your hands on a copy of Time to Morp yet, now is the perfect time - Time to Morp is available with a 20% discount! Or maybe you can make your friend happy by gifting them a copy so you can Morp together? The choice is yours to make!

Leave your feedback

What do you think about patch v0.14? Let us know in Steam Discussions, leave us Steam review or Join our Discord server to connect with us directly!

Join our Socials!

Discord Server | Twitter | TikTok | Instagram

Map Generation, Biomes, Mini-Games and so much more with patch v0.14!

Map Generation, Biomes, Mini-Games and so much more with patch v0.14!


Let’s talk about Map Generation, and everything that is coming in April and after that!

Biomes - Time to Morp

Biomes - Time to Morp


Let me introduce the Morp’s world to you. It is magical, I promise!

Automation with Pumps - Time to Morp

Automation with Pumps - Time to Morp


Let’s talk about Pumps, Pipes and everything in between. Oh, and some GIFs won’t hurt!

Reveal Trailer - Time to Morp

Reveal Trailer - Time to Morp


After a year of hard work we are ready to announce our new game - Time to Morp!

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