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New content update!

Added weapons, that you can find in the world and use.

Created an attack animation for One Handed weapons:

One Handed Attack

There are 3 types of Melee weapons: Swords, Axes and Maces.

Gameplay video showing the new content (Fixed the sound!):

Swords have a chance to inflict Bleeding, which deals extra damage.

Axes cleave multiple enemies in an arc dealing a %of the damage to everyone close to you.

Maces have a chance to Stun enemies for some duration.

Here our noble adventurer's leisure is interrupted by the evil clone's stunning Bone attacks:


When you are Stunned you cannot do anything, not even opening the inventory or any window.

Using this weapon:



The ghost clone slashes the adventurer, causing him to bleed:

Bleeding to Death

Using this Axe:



You can cleave multiple enemies in a single hit:


The original target takes normal damage, and the cleaved targets take 75% of the damage.

The % is based on the weapon stats. Some Axes will only cleave for 25% of the damage and so on.

With a weapon such as this Carver:


You can deal dangerous critical hits:


63% Critical Strike Chance means more than half of the attacks will crit for more than double damage.

You can even get perma stunned if you're unlucky:


The adventurer tries to attack but the animation is cancelled.

So be on the lookout, you never know what crazy weapons you might find.

While working on the animation system for the player, the weapon and player layers were desyncing causing the weapon sprite to disappear sometimes.

I looked a lot for a way to fix this, and I finally found a function in the documentation that was pretty hidden but couldn't get it to work properly.

English Documentation

I looked for hours and couldn't really find anything, then as a joke I opened the chinese documentation page, but it actually had some new information that made me want to give it another try, and it worked!

Chinese Documentation

I tried using that function before checking the chinese page but I was using the wrong layer, so the chinese page had more documentation and actually helped me solve the problem. So the lesson here would be to always check all the search results even if they're in different languages.

--Preda, the programmer.

We're also on twitter: Beyond Entertainment

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