The Slender Shore is a Id tech 4 game based on the famous Slenderman legend.Entering an empty and dark world in which only you will have to survive. It's based on the Slender

The point of this project is to bring that horror game into a nightmare with enhanced graphics, mind blowing sound effects and a new gameplay system that not only features the picking up papers mode.

Coop was a first option, but was scrapped since it killed the whole 'You vs the unknown'.

Also, you will be able to make your own 'Stories' thanks to the inbuild level editor (Don't worry, there are and there would be tutorials about it).

I would like to point the gameplay as an important factor since the main objective of the game is not only to survive that 'Tall and Thin Unknown Thing', but to the whole environment around you.

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JoJo2498 - - 61 comments

Yeah no, still waiting. It's only been... almost 12 years o_o

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Guest - - 699,388 comments

cant wait for this

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JuanchiB1999 - - 1 comments

god damn it! it's f*cking awesome!!! i want to play it. when are you going to release it?

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Slendygamer - - 129 comments

where is the ******* link of download?!

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BenGoldings - - 4 comments


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MonsterGamingHD - - 74 comments

Looks nice! Tracked!

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moochers1 - - 19 comments


STOP MAKING THESE STUPID SLENDER GAMES! The concept gets old as hell, and boring! You can't change them no matter what you do! These have already been made a MILLION ******* TIMES! Spread the message!

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supery0shixd - - 5 comments

Why must you even bother then. STOP MAKING THESE STUPID SLENDER GAMES! What do you do all day, sit on the computer browsing for Slender games then suddenly you post a comment that has been made a MILLION ******* TIMES. How about you go back to your corner and continue playing Hello Kitty on your DS and don't comment again until your balls drop. (Oh don't worry hatonacat, the bandwagon will crash.)

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hatonacat - - 60 comments

The concept doesn't get old, it IS old. It became old months ago, and it is almost sickening how many people have made yet another Slender clone.

When will the bandwagon crash?

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E25mad25 - - 11 comments

Looks like the best slender game ever, i hope it's as good as it looks

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