The Backstory

The Inventor


A once great man, whose name has been lost to time, now only known as the Inventor. At one time his ability was astounding, his works were sought after by all who heard of their greatness. He reveled in this, sharing the wealth he procured with his son and village. One day his son, a young man reaching adulthood at this point, approached him with a concept of an invention he wanted to see his father make. The inventor took this challenge, looking over the drawings and figures his son had made. There was little to alter from the design, and within a week his son’s idea came to life. It was something simple, a peddled machine to create flight. The inventor's son was eager to try out the creation, but his father warned it had not been tested. Ignoring his father, the boy took off in the machine, slowly gaining height. The people around the town looked on in shock at what was happening above them, many of them rushing to the temple to praise the gods.

Something happened that changed the Inventor's life. The rotating wheel that kept the machine lifted flew off, dropping his son to the ground. On that day, he was left without a son. He vowed to the gods he would never make another creation again.
Our first screenshot!

The Gods


The gods approached one another, something no mortal had heard of. The Norse, The Egyptian, The Greek, and even a few unheard of or forgotten gods gathered. They gathered for discussion, as some of them had procured something that they did not know what to do with. It was agreed that they could not keep it with them, as it would affect all of them and their people. That it needed to be protected from both mortals and immortals that could use it.

They fought for a seemingly endless amount of time on how to protect it. Some gods thinking to simply put it where no one could find it.Others saying they needed to create something to house it. One approached them, silencing their shouts and screams. The one brought forth a machine, one that could allow mortals to fly as if they were gods themselves. The one suggested to the others, why not allow the creator of this machine to build a machine for them to house what they had.

Finished hydra up close

The Proposal


The gods approached the inventor, finding him looking over the designs of the machine that robbed him of his son. They spoke to him, asking him to create a machine to keep something safe, that he could never see. The inventor declined the offer at first, stating he swore to never create another invention again. The gods had a proposal for him. They would return his son if he would make the machine. The inventor didn't hesitate. The gods gave him a month to design it, never once telling him what it would house.

The inventor came through with his end of the bargain, coming up with a machine to house whatever the gods wanted. It was an ever changing labyrinth of dungeons, tunnels, caves, rooms, and corridors. He showed the gods what he had designed, but told them he could not create it, as it was far beyond the scope of a mortal. The gods talked with one another and came to an agreement. They offered whatever he needed to build it, power, creatures, anything. The inventor accepted, knowing if the gods were this willing to give him anything in order to build this, it must be fairly important for them, and whatever they were hiding was of great importance to be hidden.

It took little time for him to finish it, as the powers he was granted made what would have taken him years take minutes.

A look at an in game corridor!

The spread rumors


The gods gave the inventor his son back, removing the memory of the maze from the inventor and the memory of death from his son. Things were back to normal for them. One of those days, the son stumbled upon his fathers' ideas for the labyrinth. He rushed to town, showing everyone at the taverns and wineries. He gathered a small group of people to search for his fathers' creation, taking more than 2 weeks to do so. They all went into the labyrinth to find what the gods had hid from the world. None survived.

The story of the inventors' labyrinth spread from tavern to tavern, enticing those who sought adventure, fame, glory, or simple riches. To this day you can hear the tails of this labyrinth, though the story changes with each telling.

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We have been working on a mixture of re texturing, remodeling, and in some cases reanimating things in the game. In the last 2 months we have finished making and modeling all of our creatures and environments. We have spent the last 2 weeks implementing everything when we noticed some things where off and have began fixing them since. We have a new trailer in the works (quick preview below) and are exited about our friends and Phoenix&Dragon; taking on the task of giving it and our game some music!

We have brought on both Namuninja (from his own Twitch) and Matt Zion (of Wreckless eating) to do some voice work with is. It is both exciting and frightful. We have went ahead and made the models for their game characters, and thought we would show you one (Matt Zion below) to get a general feel of it. It is early in build so it may look different when finished.

Matt door

We also have been working on a bunch of programming and small things to make sure the game is as functional as possible! One of our testers brought up the question "Why don't you have a start menu or pause menu?" We found ourselves dumbfounded as we hadn't thought a game like this would need it. After a bit of talking we reached out to a good man in the engines forums and he helped provide for us the programs to make the menus. (flowgui) We have a basic version of it up and running (pictured below) and want to make sure it looks as beautiful as it can be!

The first menu

Last but certainly not least we found that some of our textuing we had for the maps would cause drops in frame rate (Yikes!) So we went and re textured everything about the environments with the lag and wanted to show you a picture of part of the changes! (one below). We are doing everything we can to make sure the game runs and looks as good as we can! We do hope to have a demo for you in the next few weeks once we get things working properly!

New textures

Vast progress and funding delays!

Vast progress and funding delays!


We have made great strides in our game, losing one member of the team and gaining another. We also have been doing a lot of promotion over the last few...

A new video and more!

A new video and more!


Our kickstarter has begun, and we have updated with new images and videos. We have also brought forth a question for you guys!

Reaching out to folks.

Reaching out to folks.


We have gotten a working model of the game finished, (not entirely but it works) and have begun trying to begin working on getting some funding raised.

Explaining our progress

Explaining our progress


Our progress is getting slowed a bit on the project. A mixtures of technical and physical issues are causing it to slow a bit.


Help put this game on Steam with the Leadwerks Game Player:

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