There once was an inventor who created such wonderful contraptions, it impressed the gods. They one day approached him with a mission. Build something in order to protect something they wanted to be hidden from the world. The inventor designed a ever changing labyrinth filled with traps and creatures from long before man was born. Tales of what the labyrinth protected changed from telling to telling. In some, vast treasures from the gods domain. In others a weapon that was so powerful it could kill even the gods. These tales drew adventurers seeking fame, power, and glory to the labyrinth. The entered in droves. None of them returned, assumed to be claimed by the labyrinth. What draws you here? Fame? Riches? Power? Glory? What ever it may be, prepare yourself for the legendary labyrinth. A rogue-like game with more than 10 different possible endings, each one linked to different things you do inside the labyrinth it self. A twist on an ancient Greek myth.

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We have done so much work in the last few months with little to no distractions. We have brought in good voice talent, and made some large changes to the game. Things look good for out march release!

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We have been working on a mixture of re texturing, remodeling, and in some cases reanimating things in the game. In the last 2 months we have finished making and modeling all of our creatures and environments. We have spent the last 2 weeks implementing everything when we noticed some things where off and have began fixing them since. We have a new trailer in the works (quick preview below) and are exited about our friends and Phoenix&Dragon; taking on the task of giving it and our game some music!

We have brought on both Namuninja (from his own Twitch) and Matt Zion (of Wreckless eating) to do some voice work with is. It is both exciting and frightful. We have went ahead and made the models for their game characters, and thought we would show you one (Matt Zion below) to get a general feel of it. It is early in build so it may look different when finished.

Matt door

We also have been working on a bunch of programming and small things to make sure the game is as functional as possible! One of our testers brought up the question "Why don't you have a start menu or pause menu?" We found ourselves dumbfounded as we hadn't thought a game like this would need it. After a bit of talking we reached out to a good man in the engines forums and he helped provide for us the programs to make the menus. (flowgui) We have a basic version of it up and running (pictured below) and want to make sure it looks as beautiful as it can be!

The first menu

Last but certainly not least we found that some of our textuing we had for the maps would cause drops in frame rate (Yikes!) So we went and re textured everything about the environments with the lag and wanted to show you a picture of part of the changes! (one below). We are doing everything we can to make sure the game runs and looks as good as we can! We do hope to have a demo for you in the next few weeks once we get things working properly!

New textures

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