The Last Sigil is a roguelite action RPG. Create your guild, hire randomly generated characters with different traits, stats and skills, and enter the Sigils to vanquish an ancient evil and his army of monsters. Fight hordes of enemies in procedural generated dungeons, hunt for rare loot, find pets, trade and gamble with merchants, craft your own items and upgrade and enchant them using tools, magic scrolls and jewels. Distribute stat points and customize your guild through passive upgrades; earn exp and fame, level up, hire new members, become more powerful and reach the Last Sigil.

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Update and Steam Release



The game is now on Steam and the release date is expected to be 22 March 2018; you can already add the game to your wish-list and ask anything you want in the "Discussions" section.




The artifact has been removed and I added a new layer of items called Mythic; these items will be more powerful than the epic ones and in addition they will come with a special effect, such as a chance to deal a deadly hit, or apply bleeding, or a chance to inscribe a rune which grants bonuses while standing on hit, or a chance to curse enemies, or passive bonuses like elemental damage, immunity to CC, etc.

I added new items to enchant and customize your equipment; you can now drop scrolls of enchantments, scrolls of rebirth, scrolls of transmutation, blacksmith hammers and jeweller chisels.

Scrolls of Enchantments come in three type, lesser, normal and greater and they increase the attributes of an item.

Scrolls of Rebirth generate a new item of the same rarity of the one you used them on.

Scrolls of Transmutation upgrade a normal item to a random rarity (from magic to mythic).

Blacksmith Hammers increase the damage or the defense of an item by 1% up to 10%.

Jeweller Chisels add sockets in which you can put jewels, which you can craft at the forge if you have the necessary materials.


I also added Banners, when you equip them they grant attributes bonuses and a skill; using the ability will summon the banner which will grants you and your minions temporary buffs.


You can now find pets, some of them are available from a merchant in the town-hub, the rest are drop by enemies. They come with different rarities, some are more tanky, others deal more damage, some are melee, others ranged. When you equip a pet you get a special skill which let you command your pet to deal a special AOE attack which will also apply a CC to the enemies hit. Finally there is a "call/unleash pet" ability which lets you manage the pet, call it back to you and set it to passive mode or unleash it and attack any enemy on sight.


The Encampment or Town-Hub is now surrounded by procedurally generated exteriors, which you have to explore in order to find the entrances to the dungeons. The areas are connected via exits and some of them by waypoints too, which you can unlock by clicking on them.

The first level of each dungeon but the last one, contains a waypoint too and once unlocked, you can travel directly from the Encampment to the dungeon.

The teleport system is still in place and you can travel from anywhere in the world to the Encampment and back whenever you want, if you are out of combat.

I also added a World Map which shows the connections between the zones, waypoints and portals positions. Finally there is a Zone Mini-Map too with the classic fog of war.

Features of the game

Features of the game


The Last Sigil is a 2D roguelike hack&slash; inspired by Diablo and Rogue Legacy. Create your guild, hire randomly generated characters with different...

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