The Architect: Paris (TA:P) is a construction game.

Turn the capital of France into a medieval looking city or a futuristic one, build a business district surrounded by parks, create gigantic plazas worthy of the greatest soviet cities, imagine neighborhoods where historical architecture blends in with the most modern designs…

Draw your own buildings with an accuracy never seen before. The powerful brick-to-building system developed by Enodo Games will give you complete control over your projects.

Destroy. Draw. Build. And then, start over as many times as you wish.

Lastly, admire your work, choosing weather and lighting conditions that highlight your new city. Share your creations with players around the world through videos and pictures.

City View

First and foremost, enjoy the view!

Each street, building, monument that makes this city what it is will be replicated in great detail. This living environment will be the backdrop for your creations.

Change the time of day and weather conditions to visualize all your projects.

Strategic map

Which district will you choose as the stepping stone for your architectural journey? Which district will you erase from the map to make way for a massive park? What will be your next playground?

The Strategic map is where you will find answers to these questions. It is where you will gather information regarding Main Projects as well as Landmarks of each district.

Drawing Board.

The true heart of the game, where you will spend most your game time.

Pick a Design, apply it to a plot, customize the height of the building and the punctuation of the facade, change the roof shape, the materials, modify the lighting conditions in real time to make sure you are happy with your project and confirm your choices to finally see it in the City View.

Plot Editor

Let’s take it up a notch.

When using existing plots that Paris provides is no longer enough for you, when you want to completely and profoundly redesign and reshape each district, you might just find what you need in the Plot Editor.

You will be able to erase or merge existing plots of a block, even redesign them entirely if you so wish. Powerful but easy to use, the Plot Editor will let your imagination roam free and give life to your wildest fantasies.

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The Architect: Paris is an in-depth city builder developed and published by Enodo Games. Whilst many city builders have a more generic setting, this one places special emphasis on having a dedicated foundation for its style - France’s capital, Paris. With the ability to customize buildings right down to the shape of its windows to modifying entire districts at once, and with the freedom to transform the city into a medieval settlement or a futuristic trading port, the game encourages player freedom in designing their own vision of the city.

With stunning graphics, players can get right into the nitty gritty details of their own personal vision

Such a creative focus naturally begets a lot of ingenuity on the part of players, with lots of room for learning from one another and taking inspiration from others’ work. Thanks to the new official support, players can easily share their work with one another, creating new designs and providing modular support for new building direction.

Photo-realism really helps bring any architectural creation - strange or conventional - to life is the newest business setup by DBolical’s founder, Scott Reismanis, and The Architect: Paris joins many other moddable games on the platform. There’s already some great picks on the game’s page for fans of the game - such as this deeply inspired and highly detailed building based on a real Parisian blueprint by pauljchris, or these London-inspired office buildings by Ivar. More variety can be found in colourful apartment blocks like this one by JigokuDoll.

An overhead map allows you to view your city at a macro level and plan where to place your next building project

Also worth noting is the developers run weekly community posts picking out the finest and most interesting creations by their community that week. This sets a great precedent for modders to get their time in the limelight and have their work promoted for the entire fanbase to try out.

The support provided by allows these downloads to be added directly into your game, and with the level of creativity allowed, there’s going to be plenty to dig into for prospective city builders as time goes on. You can read up on the necessary tools and methodology for modding the game here.

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