Survivor FPS is a multiplayer zombie survival game for Windows PCs.

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Can't wait till it's out


Simply Amazing!!!

Survivor is a sandbox Horror survival where you are plunged in the oddly familiar Post-Apocalyptic world where everyone you know and love is gone, forever turned into the flesh craving monsters known as Zombies.

Naturally, this being a build still in the early stages of Alpha, it's hard to actually rate something in such an early stage of it's development - But to hell with it, I'll try anyway.

Gameplay: 9/10

-- The gameplay is great, smooth and fluid, even for such an early build. Mechanics work very well, including that of vehicles, which also work (take that, WarZ!)albeit very clumsily. You'll often find yourself trying to climb trees like some form of mechanical Possum if you do not control the vehicle correctly, and you'll find yourself In the air a lot with them too; (See for a video of the truck that wanted to be a Possum and fly!)

Immersion: 6/10

-- The music in the game has essences of creepiness in it, but it gets repetitive at times, especially when there is only one track that is played, namely the name track which you hear in the main menu of the game's client. Zombies have no aggro or idle noises, so the only indicators that the "Zeds" are after you are the shadows and the impressive chasing animation of the Zeds themselves. Thankfully, not all Zeds can sprint full pace at you, as some are reduced to as little as a stumble, and cannot move very fast, making them easy targets if they decide to come after you.
As of the newest patch of this review's writing, there is a day/night cycle present in the game, bringing an acute sense of reality to the game.

Overall: 8/10

--Kudos to the owner/developer/creator of Survior, Mixxit ( For putting up with all the feedback and putting out fantastic daily updates and being, in general, very helpful, kind, and giving up a promising game that I 100% back. It's only £5($7.40),put some faith in it.

It looks amazing cant wait to acutally play and review this game!

I gave this game a 9 because I think it has a lot of potential and it looks like the developer definitely took their time. The graphics are pretty awesome, the day/night cycle is very cool, and I love the style of the game, Post Apocalyptic and zombie infested. I would like to know a little more about the game before I can give it a perfect 10/10. I would like for there to be a bit of a background story explaining the cause of all the chaos and mayhem. Also if there's a main character and such things like that. This is no doubt going to be an amazing game upon its release and the anticipation is killing me.


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Played in a friend house

Its payed though


Awesome game!!! Can't wait till it's finished!!!


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