Experience brutal battles on a massive scale! Wage war by creating enormous customizable armies and experimental war machines that can change the balance of power at any given moment. Take the role of one of the three enigmatic commanders, each representing a unique faction with a rich story that brings a new level of emotional connection to the RTS genre, or fight the battle online. Where do your loyalties lie?

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This game was such a letdown to me, but It is in my power to fix it, check out the Revamp mod Moddb.com

Doesn't deserve the name of Supreme Commander, could of been great but fell short because of Xbox 360 and production time frame.

Could've been better. Storyline was'nt too great and graphics really took away from that awesome feeling that was in the 1st one and its expansion pack.

New players: don't even bother with vanilla version. Immediately download Revamp, and then play campaign to figure out how things work. You might even like the game, but torrent it first. If you like it buy it, if not, delete.

Coming from FA and SupCom1: don't even run the game until you've downloaded Revamp. Economy crashes are almost unavoidable if you play like you would in the original.

In case you didn't notice earlier, I'm really not advocating the vanilla version. The economy will crash, the units seem worse compared to the original supcom, and the gameplay, while similar, is also pretty terrible. Upgrade and tech system is awful. Don't buy unless you like RTS games.

Take the origonal with massive maps like no other RTS and a vast selection of units, remove most of those units, reduce the aesthetic quality drastically, make the game look cartoony, reduce the size of maps so the largest of maps are smaller than the smallest maps in the first game.

After you do all of that, you get Supreme Commander 2.

5/10 because this game is one big down hill from Supreme Commander FAF.

8/10 for gameplay (in fact imo, better than FAF)

Mechanics/Economy 4/10

Massive Battles 9/10

Aesthetics/Art/Features 8/10

Campaign 3/10

Scale 2/10

Tactics 6/10

Balance 6/10

Worth the buy 8/10

At first, this game was really, really good. I found it a good piece of work. The tutorial explained all that you could do, and the demo got me into it. I even liked how far you can raise the camera! But... a week after I bought the game, I finally saw "the flaws."

The camera was like.... "Really? Top down and hardly guidable in 360*?" I also hated how the camera zooms in too close at the start of skirmish.

Gameplay was nice. I just can't see my units, the ranges were too dang short, and commanders nuking things to bits was not my taste. Balance = feck no. Nukes are poorly implemented and it makes me want to turn them off every game. Especially on Hard and Cheating difficulties, you got a nice base all set up, all the sudden, it is a goner and it kills immersion.

Economy was too terrible though. The mass itself felt stiff, and donating power for mass did not play well for balance if you did not research it before your enemies did.

Artillery structures are no fun as well as they can easily wipe out anything at unlimited range. Aeon has no artillery, and Cybrans have a limited range.

Units die too easily one by one by one, too much spam... *sigh* too much to say.

Thank god this can be modded. Ever since the RVE mod came along, I've abandoned the game completely to play that mod. The content in Supcom FAF was everything to me, and even though the engine, the quality, and new features is better in Supcom II, it will never take away from the rage quits I get from this... by winning.

Why is it worth the buy to me? The Revamped Expansion Mod. It changed my gaming life forever and beats almost any game I ever played ten fold (besides of course my mod, imo). You all should get it and try it out.

its a good game but to small scale to actual being a supreme commander game


Not as Strategic... Or as interesting... Or as fun... But still has cool graphics, ok unit ideas (some pathetic unit names though - Airnomo ,wilfindja...Et cetera), and if assembled better i like the idea of researched, but overall it is a toned down version in all but graphics, and so should be called SUPCOM JR, and not be the sequel that is SUPCOM 2. (They should make a supcom 3 to become a REAL supcom successor).

A terrible scaled down and downright boring version of the game.

Horrible and cheesy voice acting, and a campaign which doesnt feel any epic or "important" at all.


Love it.

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This game was such a letdown to me, but It is in my power to fix it, check out the Revamp mod Moddb.com

Nov 11 2012 by Avitus12