Story: In a time of war, your team have been given the task to inflitate the enemy base, to find out if the rumours of the "ominous entity" are true. System: 5 man squad Breach and clear Tactical mode: The game is pause while you plan your next moves, position your squad and give them commands to execute. Play out: Your team executes your command in real time, where there will be focus elements if your squad engages in combat etc. Calm mode: You can move your squad in real-time. Graphic style/theme: Low colour settings set in a alternative time periode of World War 1. Art style The art will mainly be all the material I can scrape up from the periode of WW1 combined with elements of steampunk Universe The story take place in a alternative story line in the periode of WW1, but I will not directly touch on the subject of the war itself. All characters

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DEVLOG 30-01-18


-Setting waypoints and their angles now only apply to left mouse
-Changed the units selection method, so you dont have to deselect the selected unit first.
-Added RTS mode
Left mouse to move
HOLD right mouse to look towards mouse
-Added BREACH mode
-Added UNIT selection (visual update: shows which unit you have selected)
-Added ACTION set for each waypoint (these will appear in the bottom screen) still needs alot more work in order to work the way I want them to.

Devlog - 21-01-18

Devlog - 21-01-18


Light/shadow system done Waypoint system begun Bullet richochets

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Steam Squad   Light Shadow Test

Steam Squad Light Shadow Test


Devlog: 21-01-18 -The light/shadow system feels a lot more dynamic now and im able to have the enviroment visiable without it hurting the colors of it...

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