Starfighter Origins is a 90`s style space combat simulator inspired by games such as wing commander, Freespace and star wars. Combining a focus on single player action and favouring full space combat simulation over dog-fighting, Starfighter Origins looks and plays great using a Gamepad and also supports HOTAS. With a variety of single player game modes and a simple intuitive control system, Starfighter Origins offers a fun and diverse modern Space combat simulator.

Space Combat Evolved

Starfighter origins builds on the late 90`s space combat simulators with a focus on space combat. Unlike other games which which concentrate on other aspects of gameplay such as trading, infinite universes and dynamic content and multiplayer. Star fighter Origins focuses solely on the space combat and keeps the same feel and diversity of titles it was inspired by such as Wing Commander, Freespace and Star Wars.

Unique Pick up and play control system

Starfighter origins is easy to get to grips with even if you have never played a space combat simulator before. The CDF ships use a gravity drive and magnetic drive which gives much better control over the ship compared to the old rocket propulsion system. While the controls are easy to pick up and get to grips with each ship is different and will take time to master.


*Single player with 4 fun and diverse Game modes

*6 playable ships with different roles/capabilities

*Living Cockpit! All HUD elements are all part of each cockpit

*Unique 90`s Industrial art style of the CDF Universe

*6DOF intuitive control system designed for Space Combat

*Full Game-pad & HOTAS support

*Unique CTA (Combat targeting Aid) Screen for dog-fighting

*Track IR & 4k Support

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Original press release :

Blackpool, UK, April 22, 2017 – Mad About Games Studios Ltd. announced today the release of Starfighter Origins for PC on the steam platform on April 25th 2017.

Starfighter Origins is a 90`s styled space combat simulator which has been inspired by games such as wing commander, freespace, star wars and many more. The game focuses on single player and boasts 4 single player game modes which include Campaign, Simulator, Challenge and Instant Action. There are over 40 missions which range from dogfighting to large space battles. The player will face a variety of different enemies such as fighters, gunships, bombers, mines, frigates, cruiser, bases and more. More info is available on the official website:

"We have gone back to the roots of space combat, spending many years working in the freespace engine on mods such as The Babylon project has been a huge plus," said Lead Designer Shaun Williams. "There are many space games coming onto the market but not many single player and story driven scripted games. A lot of games are multiplayer, dynamically generated or does not focus entirely on space combat simulation." "With the incredible experience and talent of our small indie team, we are thrilled to offer what we believe is the most exciting single player space combat game to hit the market for a long time."

All focus on Starfighter origins is single player and is designed around a unique pick up and play control system. The controls are easy to pick up and take time to master. The game is best played with a gamepad but also supports HOTAS and keyboard and mouse as well as full native support for Track IR.
This is the 3rd release from Mad About Games Studios Ltd. The small Blackpool based indie studio is led by Shaun Williams BA, best known for his work on such titles as CDF Starfighter VR, CDF Ghostship and Ghostship Aftermath. Shaun Williams also designed and created the IP for the Colonial Defence Force, dozens of different ships from the universe feature in Starfighter Origins. Using the Unreal 4 engine, the CDF universe is brought to life with stunning visuals and sound for such a small team with almost zero budget.

We are looking at an XboxOne Release this summer which we will be confirming with Microsoft over the coming weeks. A playstation 4 version is to be confirmed.

About Mad About Games Studios Ltd.
Mad About Games Studios Ltd is a United Kingdom based indie and virtual studio comprised of a small team with a lot of passion for games and sci-fi. The team draws experience from across the board and we have some amazing talented voice actors who work with us from all around the globe.
Mad About Games Studios Ltd. has partnered with some of the video game industry's most recognized industry leaders including Track IR, Intel, Microsoft, Razor/OSVR, Valve and many more. Each has already provided support and or hardware to Mad About Games Studios Ltd.

Starfighter origins Press Pack available on the official web site


My best wishes to Author of this game, let it succeed! :)

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