The year is 2273

The unexpected discovery of valuable minerals within the rings of Saturn has sparked a thriving space excavation industry. You control an asteroid excavation ship hoping to make it rich out on the rings, but soon you find out that all is not as it appears. Experience a hard sci-fi story backed up with real physics and science.

Players say

"The way the lights on the ship light up the asteroids, the way even informational screens change when power goes out, the music that simultaneously carries emotions of loneliness, adventure, and mystery, all beautiful."
"[...]while this definitely is not my style of game, it is EXTREMELY well done for it's genre. The aesthetic and art style are simply awe inspiring."
"[...]love how the gameplay with keyboard/mouse AND gamepad is equally satisfying, while it 'plays' somewhat differently. [...] Having to constantly apply controls, to adjust speed, bearing, velocity is really fun, engaging and satisfying."
"Nice game, very captivating. The silence and mystery of space feels spot-on."
"I’m in love, I’ve been waiting for a game like this my whole life."
"[...]looks really really good! I love this kind of sims on where all is about precise control"

Key Features

  • Realistic top-down hard sci-fi space flight experience. Every aspect of gameplay is backed up by real science. Ships fly just as starships should.
  • Jump into action in seconds with autopilot assist or save fuel by manual thruster maneuvers.
  • Detailed ship simulation down to every subsystem - upgrade your ship, fix or even jury-rig broken systems on the fly. Every system failure will impact gameplay - adapt to survive in the hostile environment of space.
  • Discover the mystery of the Rings, or just try to get rich leading your excavation company.
  • Plan your strategy back on Enceladus Prime station. Sell your output, upgrade your ship, hire the crew and manage your company.


The free demo version is always kept in-sync with the main game, reflecting all it's features perfectly. Demo has no time limit, but it is missing saves and demo ends once you get back to the station. If you are not sure if ΔV is a game for you - demo is the best way to try!

Get involved!

If you would like to get involved with the community, we have a discord server where we post development progress, get community ideas and just generally hang-out with fellow sci-fi fans.

Want more? You can now get the Ringer Edition of the game on Itch right now! But what is the Ringer Edition?

Game is still in development, but it's playable. There are no placeholders, everything that is in game looks just like it will look in finished game. We are still working on adding new content and new mechanics of the game.

You get immediate access to the game, completely DRM free and available on all platforms. You will also get a Steam key as soon as they are available.

You can also get additional perks.

We are releasing the Ringer Edition as a hybrid Early Access / Crowdfunding, giving you and us best of both worlds. What does it mean?


  • Ringer Edition (you are here)
    • Complete spaceflight and ringmining simulation
    • 2 hours of storyline
    • Single playable ship
    • English and Polish language support
    • Enceladus Prime station:
      • Upgrade shop with 24 upgrades
      • Mineral Market
      • Ship Repairs
  • Official Early Access (~summer 2019)
    • 5 hours of storyline
    • Single playable ship
    • English and Polish language support
    • Enceladus Prime station:
      • 50 upgrades
      • Hiring Crew
      • Ship tuning
  • Full Release (~end of 2019)
    • 20 hours of storyline
    • Three playable ships
    • Full language support
    • Enceladus Prime station:
      • 80 upgrades
      • Ship dealer
  • Extended Content (for at least a year after release, free for owners of the game)
    • Additional 5 upgrades every week
    • 5 hours of storyline each month
    • New ship every two months

You can peek into what I'm working on in the #realtime-development-updates channel on our discord.

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ΔV: Rings of Saturn has come a long way since it’s release in Early Access back in August. We got an overwhelming response from our fanbase, which drove us to release a total of 173 new versions of the game over these 65 days. We’ve averaged almost 3 releases per day - each and every one of them fixing some bugs, improving some aspect of the game and adding new features.

Many of the changes are the result of our community participating in the development of the game. We set up a feature voting system at - a way for players to suggest new features, discuss and vote on them. I did my best to add as many of them to the game as I could. Some of these were small improvements, like upgrade suggestions and a new dialog-based tutorial. Some were huge, game-altering changes.

Our first big player-contributed feature was the addition of the dialog system. A way to directly communicate with other ships was not an intended feature, but it was a very popular request. The comms system allows you now to listen and respond to other ships you encounter in the rings. This gave us the opportunity to flesh out the story and present players with additional, unique quest opportunities.

The mineral market got a complete overhaul. There are now realistic, long-term price fluctuations. With the addition of geologist predictions, playing the market is a valid way to get (or lose!) funds for your company.

Our latest large addition is the ability to hire a crew. This fleshes out your company and also gives you additional options on how to run your company. You can hire pilots that will assist you with flying, mechanics that will keep your ship going and geologists that will help you make money from your enterprise.

Not all of the changes are huge. Some were just ideas for new upgrades, or ways to tune your ship. We now have a total of 62 upgrades, ranging from additional mining lasers, new reaction control systems, and even drones you can fit on your ship. There were also many small visual polishes - from the way the asteroids fracture under seismic stress, to how camera loses focus if you make sudden zoom, to the way a nuclear exhaust plume interacts with and melts the asteroids.

We also got Korean and Norwegian translations of the game.

We never abandoned our dedication to good, hard science-fiction. With the help of our science-savvy fans, we were able to find and iron out everything that was not up to our standard. Whether it was the plume shape of a thruster not looking realistic enough, or one of the engines breaking conservation of energy, we found all of that and polished it to stand up to the hardest science-fiction standard. And we earned an award to prove that.

With the help of our beta-testers and players, we found and squashed literally hundreds of bugs and made dozens of performance optimizations. There are new options for the game allowing you to play on systems that I never expected. The recent addition of fully automated soak tests allowed me to run the game automatically for hours, pinpointing many stability problems that emerge seldom enough to not be apparent in usual testing sessions. As a result, the game is now faster and more stable than ever.

Our usual release notes contain a detailed changelog, and this one will be no different. If you just wanted to know what changed since 0.132.3, here is the detailed list of changes:

  • Added crew menu. You can now hire pilots, mechanics, and geologists. Repair, jury-rig, mineral price prediction, and adrenaline capability is now tied to crew stats.
  • Geologist will now mark ore chunks on your HUD with estimated composition and value.
  • Pilot will now trigger adrenaline automatically if you are on a dangerous course, giving you time to react.
  • Changed the way the adrenaline works and its visual effect. Time slowdown is now gradual and your ship always stays in focus.
  • You can now fast-travel to Enceladus station.
  • Added crew portraits with dynamic lighting.
  • Added ability to skip time on Enceladus.
  • Significantly improved the performance of the game. There are over 50 optimizations in place, ranging from the physics system, through AI to particle rendering.
  • New pixel-doubling option allowing players to artificially lower resolution for both HDPI screens and low-end computers.
  • Added Korean and Norwegian translations.
  • Changed the way game loads resources. Title screen will not freeze when resources are loaded in the background, and if the game is not fully loaded yet you will get a progress bar.
  • Fixed multiple bugs that could crash the game in rare circumstances.
We are in GDWC2019 finals!

We are in GDWC2019 finals!


ΔV: Rings of Saturn got to the finals of Game Development World Championship - Fan Favourites!

October ahead!

October ahead!


What can you expect this month? Since new players got so much attention in September, it's only fair to focus October on our long-time fans.

A road into September!

A road into September!


Making games is not hard, but it’s complex. You hardly ever find one big, challenging problem in the development - but you are flooded with multitude...

Artificial Support

Artificial Support


One of the worst bugs your game can encounter is a race condition. It happens when multiple threads try to access the data and usually is deceptively...



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This oddly reminds me of Swarm Gold

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