Unravel the secrets that lie beneath the surface of this world, and fight against the worshipers of an ancient god.

RSS Update - 6/15/2013

Hardcore Mode, Geothermal Centers, and some unrealted news.

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UPDATE - 6/15/2013

During the past few days, I've been living my own life and doing stuff.With stuff, I also mean extending the game and adding some content which I'm going to talk about right now, in this post.


Hardcore Mode is, as most of you might already know, a game mode implemented to increase the game's difficulty. Differently from some other RPGs of this kind, Hardcore Mode does not need to be unlocked by doing something difficult in the game. It's also not a New Game+ game mode which can be played only at the end of the first playthrough.
Hardcore Mode is accessible through the New Game menu right after booting Stories From Reldenir for the first time. Obviously enough, this mode challenges the player more than Normal Mode by changing some rules and aspects of the game. Some of these changes include:

  • Higher number of enemies during normal encounters.
  • Useful items and useful chests are rarer.
  • The party's maximum carrying weight changes depending on the collective value of everyone's current HP, instead of the more static Max HP. In simpler terms, it means that the more damage you take in battle, the easier is to find yourself crushed by your own inventory.

Also, some game content might be available only in the case the player is playing Hardcore Mode, which, just to inform you, cannot be changed after selection.


Tired of the cookie-cutter inns that for 10 golds restore to full health everyone in your party in a single night?

No? Oh... okay.
Well, the game still has inns, but they are cheap, underpowered counterparts of the ones you are used to find in RPGs, restoring your party's vitality only partially.

On the other hand, Geothermal Centers are definitely where it's at (yeah yeah yeah, shut up, the name sucks).
So, what are those? They are simply places built over hot springs.From Wikipedia - "A hot spring is a spring that is produced by the emergence of geothermally heated groundwater from the Earth's crust."

These are the actual 'inns' of Stories From Reldenir. Here, the characters can simply decide to rest, heal their wounds, recharge their magical energy, wonder about the meaning of life or whatever you people do under the shower.To do all of this, you must talk with the person near the desk (or a table, or whatever), decide which services you want, pay for them, take the ticket, and give it to his or her co-worker.
Every combination of services has it's own ticket.

  • Normal Thermoticket- It's given to you when no other options are selected. Standard, low-cost healing. Not very effective.
  • Healing Thermoticket- It's given to you when you select the Wound Treatment service. Restores all the party's HP.
  • Magicrom Thermoticket- It's given to you when you select the Magicromium service, which restores completey the party's MP.
  • Full Thermoticket- It's given to you when you select both services. Restores both HP and MP.

In a little piece of unrelated news, I'm kind of preparing a simple bestiary for SFR and anything surrounding it. It's not strictly game-related or important, but maybe it's nice for simple entertainment value.

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