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This is a quick tutorial about the Free For All game play mode (seen on the map San Casina).

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San Casina is the only map that uses Free For All mode, San Casina is basically a big sandbox map, feel free to do whatever you like here. When you join on the map for the first time you will unlock a perk called n00b, this extends the duration of anti-spawn kill when assigned to your selected perks; which can be done by pressing numpad * and proceeding through the text based menu (pound is numpad +). To spawn into the world of San Casina, simply walk through the doorway you desire, this will move you to that area on the map; then when ready, left click to spawn as a random character.
When you first spawn you will have no weapons besides "Duke Nukem Style" so one of the first things you might want to do is get a job, I recommend starting off with the cashier job as it is one of the easiest to do. You simply have to move when your boss tells you to, otherwise you just stand at a cash register and slowly are promoted until you make 100 dollars a second.
Once you have some money you can really start to have fun in San Casina, there is a wide variety of things to do, and many hidden things to find, in fact there are entire land masses hidden away in San Casina, each of which all contain their own secret weapons, vehicles, and perks.
If collecting perks and beating server records doesn't interest you much, I recommend finding some good weapons, and taking on the police. At first, the corrupt police department in San Casina will not do much to stop you, just continue killing/stealing/damaging property and eventually they will get super pissed off at you and you will find yourself in a world of pain.
There are also major disasters that take place every few hours or so to keep things spiced up, most of these are major moneymaking opportunities, and fighting the disaster causing objects will make you big bucks.
As always, San Casina is more enjoyable with lots of players to fight, or work together with on some of the co-op tasks (which just about everything is in San Casina). Therefore, we would love to see you on the official Server, to join it simply enter in your user name and password, and hit okay to register.
You can also favorite vehicles and weapons by pressing the ‘.' key (not the num pad one). Once you have a weapon or vehicle set as a favorite you can buy it via the phone (number will be listed under the right click number listing.
You can also set your default spawn character by pressing ‘B'. Setting your default spawn character allows you to always spawn as a character on San Casina. To change characters you'll have to find an internet purchase terminal, most of the spawn locations have one nearby; for example, the gas station has 2 of them, one on each group of pumps.
Food and drinks are also important on San Casina; food is important to yourself healing, if you get dehydrated you will eventually die. If you don't eat for a long period of time you stop healing, if you have eaten somewhat recently you will heal up to 75% of your health, if you just ate a few minutes ago, you can heal up to 100%.
You will see a lot of AI on the map, most of the AI bots are indifferent to you. Police, US Marines, and Special Forces will try to take you down if you make yourself a criminal. Mafia will only come after you if you have given yourself a bad rep in the gang world (attacked lots of Mafia and things like that). Militants hate everyone and attack everyone so watch out for them, because they aren't your friend. AI trains will give you a ride if you request entry (‘Z' key) and then hit ‘E' on them while still requesting entry. Taxis will also give you a ride, and even let you select a destination be it at a price.
San Casina also has a bank system, every 5 minute all the money you have is saved and at the end of the game all your money on had goes into the bank. To get money back out of the bank you can call 555-4000 then select withdraw. If you try to buy something but don't have enough money on had it will automatically withdraw from your bank account (be it at a cost, also food, weapons, and items don't work under this system). If you deposit money into an ATM your interest rate is increased to the max.
San Casina also has personal housing, to buy a house call the number listed on the sign (555-3000) then enter the houses number, followed by pound. Once you have bought a house you can spawn in it with middle mouse, you can also store a weapon in the weapons cupboard by pressing ‘H'. Some houses have item safes, and refrigerators as well, the safe allows the player to store an item, and the fridge allows the storage of food. Hoses without a fridge and safe have security; this can be purchased by phone (555-3001). Security allows your house to do things like automatically repair damaged doors, you can also install missile defense systems, alarm systems, and ceiling guns. Finally, the newest thing added to housing is the ability to set up Auto Bill Pay, which automatically pays your bills for you so you do not have to worry about paying for your house (555-3004). There are two other numbers that allow you to give your house key to other players, and sell your house, these are listed under middle mouse with the phone.
There are two extremely useful keys to remember while in San Casina ‘Y' and ‘End.' If you are ever stuck; anywhere, pressing end should free you. If you can't get out of a vehicle, pressing end will sell it. Pressing ‘Y' gives you details about the vehicle you are driving, or the weapon you are holding, it also gives you details about your job if you are currently working one.
There is bound to be tons of other stuff I forgot to list here, but this is a good starting point for most new players.Good Luck!

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