Roleplay 2 is a massive FPS/TPS that has been in production since 2003 and aims to offer a multiplayer experience that’s different from any other game.

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Great mod, for a great game. Now it's going standalone and it's free for everyone! If you have a computer, I highly recommend you download this fun and enjoyable multiplayer experience. There are many different vehicles to drive, ranging from a Bugatti supercar, to a Comanche, to a Madcat from Mechwarrior. There will be a vehicle in this game that you throughly enjoy.

Over a hundred different weapons for people to enjoy inhabit this game. Most realistic deplictions of firearms, some are just silly, and others are downright handheld owange. Who wouldn't want to be in a massive gunfight with a AA-12 with explosive shells? Or madly poping rounds off from the Glock 17 as someone trys to mow you down in a car? It's all great fun.

Now, the mapping, and enviroment of this mod are top notch. The buildings are well detailed, and realistic. Towering skyscrapers loom downtown, a massive suspension bridge connects the two islands on the main map. One is a lifeless desert, the other a bustling city. The best part about this? Even at 4 years I still find new stuff! This map is packed with hundreds of easter eggs, and points of interest. You'll be kept busy for weeks, maybe months.

Now, there are also tons of "minigames" for you to play to make money. Fishing is my favourite. You drive a fishing trawler on the ocean to various bouys in the water and return. The colour of the bouy determines what kind of fish it is, and the value of the catch. Simple, but very enjoyable and addicting. Then, there is a Mutant Assault mode where you try to defend capturable control points from a massive onslaught of horrible abonimations. And well, knowing the humour of the team... Kitty cats. Yeah, Goddamn kitty cats!

This is a great game, it's free, and almost any computer can run it. Even if it doesn't interest you tell your friends! One of them is bound to enjoy it. Hope this review educated you a little bit.


i like

Great mod, great game, I personally hope they add more npcs in, more interactions I guess, some to sell stuff as well.
Personally I hope that I can play on a server one day, maybe even host one for lan x3
I have high hopes for this mod


Awesome, but graphic is too low for now.


This game is truly unique, especially for a free one! Such a number of vehicles, weapons and items plus normal but support and a large global map to explore.




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