This game is a first-person shooter (FPS) that contains several Role-playing game (RPG) elements within. This genre contains games such as Stalker, Bioshock and System Shock 2.

Target Audience
Rift Hunter's target market will be 16 to 35 year old's, depending on final game classification in the countries it will be released in, 'gamer' market. While predominately male, the market does comprise of females who do play and enjoy similar games to Rift Hunter. To be released on the PC and Xbox 360, Rift Hunter will enjoy the First Person Shooter fan-base, to which Rift Hunter will cater to both similar but different markets. To achieve this, Rift Hunter will employ a realistic based universe, within which an unrealistic event occurs, harkening to similar games on both platforms. Through this, Rift Hunter will but equally, if not more successful than games available in the present market. The primary markets will be the USA and Europe, as it will be unlikely to sell well in the Japanese market, with the Xbox 360 still being a low player in console sales, and the games themes being very different to core Japanese games.

Look and Feel
The game is based on earth in the near future. The game has realistic looking feel about it with a sci-fi twist. This game at times can be at times a fast paced shooter or a slow and steady take it easy shooter, it depends on how you want to take on a situation. This game has no art style apart from reality. It an immersive game, we want the player to feel like he is in the game so the game must look real. If Dave wants to pick something up he’ll have to reach down and physically pick it up, also this is not a game in which can carry an entire arsenal, you are able to carry two weapons, equipment and grenades.

Player Character
You will play as Cpl. Dave Hudson. He is a recon specialist working for TRU (Tactical Recon Unit). He is trained with firearms and in hand to hand combat. His is physically fit as all TRU operative’s are and he has a large scar that marks his head under his hair which is part of his past. As part of the recon team sent to the first rift it is his job to gather intelligence on the Rift and to put a stop to its cause. This is his first mission and his past is military in which he has a perfect record, which of course means it’s fake. He is actually not from our time, he is from the same time as the Wolven and he is indirectly the cause of this catastrophe. But he does not know this as he suffered a blow to the head which has caused him to forget his past. As the game progresses Hudson learns what he has done and now what he must do.

Description of Play
This game play’s like any other FPS but the movement of the character that defines this game. He can run, jump, roll, lie down, sneak, lean, walk, crouch and sprint to avoid or attack his enemies. Hudson can use any weapon he comes across and if he finds himself without ammunition, he can use his hands or his knife. The game is usually approached in two ways, stealth or combat. Stealth you can use the environment, the human armour or darkness, to pass your enemies without a fight. Combat is another way, if you have enough firepower and you think you are able to overpower you enemy you can try and attack them front on using all your equipment and weapons available to you. There will be other tasks to perform while you are stopping your enemies; collecting intelligence is one of them. There will be objects like tapes, disks and paperwork for you to gather that will explain the situation. There will be character’s you will need to save and learn information from that will cause the narrative to progress.

Objective of the Game
There are several objective to complete in each Rift, most Rift's have the same primary objective which is find its source and destroy it. Other objectives will appear when you discover information about them. Some Objectives will be given by characters that you meet during the game and some objective will last over several “levels”.

This game is being created by a group of 10 or so students from Staffordshire University for a group project in their second year, it will only be the first level in the singleplayer game to start off with, but may later evolve into the larger game described above.

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Rift Hunter is a first person shooter which takes place on earth in 2020. The player is a part of an elite team sent on a recon mission to gain intelligence on an anomaly that has appeared in the middle of New York. The anomaly appears to be rift in time. As the game progresses more anomalies appear all over the world and the player must find out whom or what is causing these rifts by any means necessary.The player is taken on an adventure through time and must fight his way to the being that threatens human existence.

In this first update, we bring you the first screen shot of the opening level, which is set in prehistoric times. As Dave Hudson, you must battle through the prehistoric jungle, that has emerged in the middle of New York City, with the ultimate goal of destroying the Paradox machine that is causing this rift in time. I've been working on this to make a really atmospheric opening for the beginning of Rift Hunter.

User Posted Image

Sephael, one of our 3d artists, has modelled the main antagonists of the game; the Wolven. Our concepts and texture artist, Bish, will be texturing this model up soon.

The Wolven are a race of highly evolved wolves that have the speed and the ferocity of wolves but the intellect and problem solving abilities of Humans. The model pictured is an example of what the the grunts of the Wolven force look like; but even if they are just grunts, they are not to be underestimated.

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

Nocturne, our art lead, has modeled some of the tools that Hudson will need to utilize in order to combat the Wolven and other enemies he may encounter.

The SIG-Sauer P226, will be one of the few pistols that Hudson may find on the dead bodies of NPC's such as police officers, soldiers or security forces. This weapon may also be obtained from supply crates and Wolven weapon confiscation armories.

User Posted Image

The combat knife will be a standard part of Hudson's gear; as per T.R.U protocol. Quick stealth kills can be achieved by counterbalancing the knife, slashing and retracting. This is one of the ways in which Hudson can operate if the player chooses so. The knife is also an incredibly valuable weapon when Hudson runs out of ammunition.

User Posted Image

When there is a dark space to explore, you'd best take a torch. Caves can be full of surprises and without a light to show you the way, who knows what could happen. The torch also doubles as an unconventional weapon; temporarily blinding creatures who are more suited to the dark, enabling you to get in close with the knife.

User Posted Image

SKIV has also been modeling weapons and game assets. He's just recently finished up work on the RPG.

When Hudson needs to take out something as big as a T-Rex, he needs a big gun to match up to it. In certain supply crates, the legendary RPG-7 can be obtained to fight against the bigger targets. This reliable piece of Russian engineering ensures that the bigger targets stay down.

In Soviet Rift Hunter, RPG's are what made the dinosaurs become extinct.

User Posted Image

That's all for now, but make sure to visit our moddb page and watch us if you're interested!

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sabata67 - - 30 comments

hello download the game please ????????????

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roadking - - 380 comments

There haven't been an update for a well. Hope it's not dead

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D.Gajos Creator
D.Gajos - - 9 comments

well as far as i see, we have done the project that we were doing this for .. and people are not really into continuing this development .. =[ sad, i know...
Sorry guys, better luck with the next mod you are gonna track..
though there is a finished playable level..
I don't have it but if you are interested I might try to get it for you, contact me if needed.

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OnyeNacho - - 1,347 comments

if its released where is the download?

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nidawa - - 28 comments

tracking, but why is it shown as released?

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Citrus_Fruit - - 71 comments

The story sounds a little to much like Crysis, but still, Time Travel is always awesome! You've got my track :D

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TomLaird - - 19 comments

so tracking this, gonna be wizard!

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thunderising - - 981 comments


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TomLaird - - 19 comments

Yes it's free, unless you want to buy us an UE3 license :P

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settimo221 - - 523 comments

haha no thank you lol well looking forward to it

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