Anime Fantasy RPG with gacha system and great plot!

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The guy is curious about the afterlife and decided to give it a go? But as it happens it's still not clear on how he died, all of it seems scripted even until the end.. just what kind of life did he lived? In the end the Goddesses decides to reincarnate him into another world but without him having any magic to rely on, in a world where all beings possess magic. What will he do?

"As long as I have the memory of my past life, nothing matters"

Sub Classes

You can be bard, blacksmith, alchemist and many more.


Become an adventurer! Take quest and sell the monster drops to the Adventurer's Guild to earn gold.

AFK Farming

You can do AFK Farming to earn some materials and sell it to Sewing Guild.

Weapons & Armors

There are more than 10 types of equipments.

Gacha Banners

This is where you can get special items and characters.

Boss Battles

Get rare items and unlock new maps by defeating them.

Day & Night

You could sleep for 8hrs, choose between day or night when to explore.


More feature updates to come!

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