project is dead
no one helped

i am now saying my recent project has been a failure and will
not continue as i need help and noone helped me
thx for being with me but i will make a new game soon
till then have fun playing other games

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YAY new demo comin out only with one scene so you can know how its going
but i still need a team and i do need help and if you guys help me the game will run a lot smoother
this game will have
-story(working on right now)
-zombies(in dev as in not my main goal but will be a side mode)
-multiplayer(capture the flag, search and destroy etc....)
-friends (can add friends)
-new exprence(explained further below)

The scenery in the game will be beautiful in the game menu
and while you shoot all the noobs out of the way you can
enjoy the wonderful palm trees houses skyscrapers.XD

The story is how you regain your memory's at first you have all of them
but then bam your in 2 years later but didn't know what happened
and all you can remeber something about meeting by the name
grim deaths and you'll get many endings

As i said it will be a side game mode that can be unlocked by finishing
story mode, in this mode in another dimension the story ending goes
mad as the GRIMS DEATH turns everyone into zombies
now you will have a story and survive mode
how long can you survive the undead!! :D

very simple as in you crate your friends list to battle the undead or go into
multiplayer and missions that you completed. :D

This is something i been meaning to tell you that you will be able to
see cutscenes in all modes even in multiplayer here let me explain
You know when you watch a trailer for a game and you think its gonna be exactly like
that well now it can be like (example:call of duty ghost) he drops both of his
pistols like a badass and you can do it too plus if you get push back into a explosion you can
grab on to the ledge and get back in the fight

------END OF UPDATE----

coming out 21

coming out 21


hey guys thanks for watching and following i will release the demo on July the 21st and then i will post news titled working on so you can see what i...

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project dead open beta

project dead open beta

Demo 1 comment

test run but is still in beta right now working on models so enemy are cubes only one level but boss on left have fun.

omar741 Creator
omar741 - - 6 comments

game is dead i can not do this on my own so i am going
to make horrer game srry

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omar741 Creator
omar741 - - 6 comments

post a commet for beta code

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omar741 Creator
omar741 - - 6 comments

thank you for your review but like i said it does have a few and i did
know it was still there i am almost done with the models and im done
with the guns so that you may aim but still need a scripter for my game
i can only do so much so i will try to fix those errors as i work on the zombie mode and player vs player
if you want plz follow my game to get the latest download
for more fun
omar macle
crater of project dead

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xxzackly - - 5 comments

i understand your issues with scripting and not being able to do everything.

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xxzackly - - 5 comments

I'm sorry for being the one with the first review on your game but it feels hard to control the character/super difficult to control. You should fix some of the bugs but other than the difficulty with the controls and movement it was ok, but i don't mean don't finish your game because that is how you get better.

Thanks for the game and i hope you finish it and make many more.

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