Portal is a first-person puzzle game. Players must solve physical challenges by opening portals to maneuver objects, and themselves, through the enigmatic Aperture Science Laboratories.

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How to make a switch in Source SDK. Copied and pasted from Valve Develper Community: Creating a switch.

Posted by on - Basic Level Design/Theory

. Using the Entity Tool, place a prop_dynamic where you would like the switch model. Set the properties to the following: Property Name Value World Model models/props/switch001.mdl Name switch_model

How to align the func_button.

2. Create a 16x16x16 block brush covering the button on the model textured with tools/toolsinvisible. Tie it to a func_button. Under Flags, check Don't move and change the Delay before Reset to however long you want to prevent the player from activating it again.

Note:For doors, make sure you give it enough time for the door to open, stay open and close.

3. Create 3 ambient_generic entities near the switch. Give them the following properties: Property Name Value Name switch_sound_up Sound Name Portal.button_up SourceEntityName switch_model Property Name Value Name switch_sound_down Sound Name Portal.button_down SourceEntityName switch_model Property Name Value Name switch_sound_tick Sound Name Portal.room1_TickTock SourceEntityName switch_model For the switch_sound_tick entity, un-check Starts Silent under Flags. 4. Next create a logic_timer somewhere near the switch. Give it the following properties: Property Name Value Name switch_sound_tickloop Starts Disabled Yes Refire Interval 1 And the following Output: My Output Target Entity Target Input Parameter Delay Only Once Image:Io11.png OnTimer switch_sound_tick PlaySound 0.00 No


5. Select the func_button and add the following outputs:
My Output Target Entity Target Input Parameter Delay Only Once Image:Io11.png OnOut switch_model SetAnimation up 0.00 No Image:Io11.png OnOut switch_sound_tickloop Disable 0.00 No Image:Io11.png OnOut switch_sound_up PlaySound 0.00 No Image:Io11.png OnPressed switch_model SetAnimation down 0.00 No Image:Io11.png OnPressed switch_sound_tickloop Enable 0.00 No Image:Io11.png OnPressed switch_sound_down PlaySound 0.00 No


Great tutorial.

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