Basic Game Info.

Plushie Tails is a small and simple platformer/sidescroller based on a how my daughter plays with her toys (teddys/plushies) made with UE4 with a story line added to it, basic AI, fun yet simple levels, simple game-play and interesting graphics.

Players can zoom in and out to help with jumping around, spotting AI or find pick ups, pick up gems (players choice to collect) and pick up health. Players can also kill AI if they want to or just rush each level apart from boss levels.

Basic Story.

You player as a teddy brought to life by a magical creature in order to fix the humans mess.

The player abilities




-Speed boost

-Jump Boost

Game Features.

-Pick ups for player abilities that will last until the end of a level. (10 planned but 6 made at the moment)

-Boss's. (only 2 so far)

-Level editor for player made levels and game modes in the making.

-Multiple enemies.

-Photo mode in the making

-Cut scenes to explain the story.

-An annoying companion.

-Audio about 60% of it is set up for now.

-Main menu and in-game pause menu (options menu needs to be expanded).

-Some stupid AI

-Health Bar

What is planned.

Here we show what's planned to be done to the game but not a promise.

-Plan on porting this for xbox and playstation. (maybe others too)

-Plan on adding character voice's.

-Multiplayer/Co-op is planned and soon to be done.

-Improve 3D and 2D assets.

-Playable beta of the game to share.

Game Photo's.

In-Game and in editor photos of the game. may update as we go.


level1 In-Game

level1-2 In-Game

level1-3 In-Gamelevel6


As this game is made by one person it will not be that amazing (your opinion could be different)

This game was only made for the purpose of improving my portfolio and to get a job in level design (level design is what im best with so 3D and 2D art of my making in this is not the best)

If you are interested in the game and want to help out i will not be able to pay only give credit in game

credits however as this game will be sold royalties maybe possible if i can set it up.

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Plushie Tales now to buy


Screenshot 2

Plushie tales is now available on

be sure to grab it if you want it!

Plushie Tales release News

Plushie Tales release News


Huge news about the game as whats changed! keep on reading for more.

Plushie Tales News

Plushie Tales News


some news based on whats changed and will happen. :)

Things are getting done!!

Things are getting done!!


So after some time off the project i'm finally back to work on it! now with some help on code.

Plushie Tales Level Editor News

Plushie Tales Level Editor News


Discussion about the in game level editor and split-screen.

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Plushie Tales Beta

Plushie Tales Beta


Plushie tales beta... kinda showing the basics of the game.

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