BoxFire - A new type of platformer.
Avoid the fireballs and spikes!
Get to the padlock!
Currently known issues are that the character tends to go through walls and the floor. This is a rare ocassion but might occur to some players.
This is developed by an One-Man-Army, if you wish to join, contact me at
Some Anti-viruses see this game as suspicious, but after analyzing it will close and run again.

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New Mob!


New level and new mobs, oh my!
Prepare for the revenge of the evil ghosts that roam the latest level: Level 4!

In this new update i added the thing peopel love the most, ghosts! (I also added a new level, but ya know, ghosts.)

The idea came to me when i was doing a test run while testing out new mechanics, and i just kinda felt like something was missing.
Then it hit me. Literally. That damned fireball caught me off guard and i said to myself: "They're just like ghosts..." and then i just came up with it, i was happy that i finally came up with new content since i have been really empty.

The new level isn't really that big of a challenge to the average player, it's mostly just jump from block to block and avoid the ghosts and the spikes.

But the next update will have something very special for everyone... You'll see!

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Version 0.2 Release

Version 0.2 Release


Enjoy! Moustasche-people, jumping animations, loading screen and main menu!

BoxFire version 0.1 Release!

BoxFire version 0.1 Release!


BoxFire has finally been released! Thank you all for getting me to the point of release, i looked at the Popularity on Indie DB bar, and it's quite damn...

Guest - - 693,222 comments

Very nice game man!

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mrchili Creator
mrchili - - 1 comments

Thank you very much, i won't be working on the game for a while but when i do it will be awesome!

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