Piu is a mix between a 2d real time strategy singleplayer game and a space shooter' Your aim is to conquer planets , manage armies , and fight with your spaceship in space' Programmed in Ruby , this free game offer a fun and unique experience'

1) Controls

Use the arrows of the keyboard to move both your ship and your cursor in the menus'
The return key to fire/press buttons'

The mouse is not used'

2) Objectives

You must conquer all enemy planet marked as red on the radar'
Then , you need to destroy the enemy spaceship to win'

If your ship is destroyed , you lose'

3) instructions

By touching planets with your spaceship , you can access a menu wich allow you to :
-Sell and buy units if the planet is an allied one (green color)'
-Attack planet if you don't own it' you will fight the army at the left side of the screen'

Blue planets are neutral passive ones : You can buy/sell units on them'

To buy/sell units, bring your cursor to the unit image using the arrows of the keyboard' Then press return , and you can access it's control panel'

4) Tips

Alway keep enought units in guarnison to defend your planet by selling units to them'

Sell all your unit on one of your planet then try to buy as much units as possible on a neutral passive planet then attack it to capture it easy'

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The small game , wich is my first one ever is now downloadable at moddb.
It has a working AI , wich have to play the same way as a player to win (exepted its ship is faster). Oh , and this game feature cool musics from binarpilot.

Remenber this is an alpha so ev erything is'nt very polished.

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Piu alpha 0.4

Piu alpha 0.4

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The first public release of Piu-space wars.

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Pyoo, Pyoo! Yeah, funny name XD

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