The story takes place a few decades after the great war that opposed the Elmeian people, and the kingdom of Meadran.

You will live the story through Eden. A 17 years old girl that lives in her small and peaceful village with her mother until the day she is summoned to the capital of the kingdom to assist the ceremonies of the Oaths of Light like every inhabitant of the kingdom on their seventeenth year.

But lately, Eden has been having the same weird dream over and over. In which she can hear a conversation between a man and a woman speaking about something that looks important.

Right before leaving the room, she looks at her face in the mirror of her cabinet and realize the face she sees isn't hers. And she wakes up.

In parallel, weird things have been happening in the forest. Sights of mushroom men have been reported whilst they never leave their place. The forbidden forest. Named so after the great war.

Intrigued by the recent reports of the village hunters, Eden decides to investigate before leaving the village to assist the ceremonies in the capital. What she will discover is disturbing, and will awake new horizons for her and get unknowingly enlisted in a fate much bigger than her.

An RPG in which you will go through Eden's journey. A joyful girl whom's past had no matter until she started having that dream.

Explore a colourful world, battle against powerful foes and meet incredible people on a journey you will never forget.


A Kickstarter campaign is undergoing for this project. If you wish to support us there so we can finish the project with better end quality feel free to do so!

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Oaths of Light is inspired by games like "Fable" for it's story driven part, or even "Final fantasy" for it's combat system


- STORY : The game has multiple dialogue options the player can choose, which will impact Eden's story and relations between characters


-CHARACTERS : Everyone has it's own personalities and unique design which helps create a believable world

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- GAMEPLAY :As a j-rpg, combats are turn based, you'll need strategy to beat monsters, as well as good equipment, earn exp points and level-up your character as well as your party members !

- MONSTERS : They are your biggest threat, spiders, slimes, mushroom men, each of them has a background, and some can be interacted with

Capture dcran 2021 02 12 16

- OST : Your journey will be rythmed by beautiful themes and ambient sounds effect to immerses you in this fantasy world

- VISUALS : Oaths of Light's world is colorful, joyful, but can also be dark and terrifying, each area has his own visual theme, forest, dark swamp, reimber village, each is unique and unforgettable


- ENGINE : The game use our custom hatching shader, combined with our fixed camera system to grant a unique and dynamic experience to play !


Last thoughts :

OUR MAIN GOAl, as indi-devs, is to create something we'll be proud an pleased with, and for that, we need to be as much as transparent with you.

Being a player is not just playing games on the market, it has more much more meaning than that, giving criticisms helps create a beneficial environment for both of us, and YOU, can transform the market just by giving your opinions and things you want to see in our game.

- Want more aspect of gameplay ? more type of monsters ? more choices in story ? We'll do our best to satisfy everyone !

You can also participate into our KICKSTARTER ! (thanks for those who have already donated <3)

Wish-list the game on STEAM !

And follow us on TWITTER

Stay tuned for more news about "Oaths of Light" and thanks for reading ! <3

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