Muffled Warfare is a multiplayer first-person echolocation shooter where everyone is blind and uses sounds to SEE, SHOOT and SILENCE their competition.

You've heard of that blind superhero that dresses up like a devil in red right? Yea, think that, but with guns.


  • ECHOLOCATION - use sound to SEE, SHOOT and SILENCE the competition.
  • STEALTH - Fade into the darkness that is silence.
  • MULTIPLAYER MAYHEM - Silence or be Silenced?
  • FAST-PACED ACTION - Too much walking in Stifled.
  • OUTLANDISH WEAPONS - Because regular weapons are meh.
  • FUTURE-GEN AI - Patent-Pending BI (Burden Intelligence)
  • SKINS - We know you love'em
  • 4K HDR GRAPHICS - Gotta get in on them buzzwords.
  • COLORS - Like, 4 of them.

Like we said, it wasn't a joke.

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Hey look! A new map!

Join us on the 22nd June 2018 0900GMT, play and give us some feedback!

Find you way to our Steam page if you don't already have the game, and come say hi on Discord if you have questions!

24hr Launch Weekend Stream

24hr Launch Weekend Stream


Whelp, we made a joke a game, and now we need to get it right.

Muffled Warfare is heading into EA!

Muffled Warfare is heading into EA!


We thought it'd be a great joke, but now we think it's gonna be an amazing game!

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