Loowa is the opposite of Lucas. When Lucas is scared, Loowa is brave. When Lucas is feeling cornered and wants to hide, Loowa is capable of moving forward, regardless of the difficulties. In a place where things aren't what they seem, Loowa has to overcome challenges to reach Sanctuary, and Lucas will go along for the ride!

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Hey, everyone,

The news is out, we're sure you've noticed it up there next to our game's name: it's official, Loowa's vertical slice will be released on September 2nd. After months of hard work, we're finally letting our baby out into the world, we're showcasing our first step in this outstanding but anxiety-ridden world that is game development. In a few days, you'll get to see and judge our demo for yourself, you'll have the chance to play Loowa and hopefully get her safe to Sanctuary.

ui print 1

However, our journey isn't over yet, we still have some miles to go before we rest. There are still many things to do, promo art to finish, bugs to fix and a trailer to polish. Loowa's not over... yet! And, until it is, and without giving too much of the game away, we decided to dedicate our last weekly development update to reveal Loowa's brand-new, redesigned and fully revamped user interface, along with the music track that will be featured in Loowa's UI. As we've mentioned last week, all the credit for Loowa's SFX and music goes to Davin Jones, who designed everything sound-related according to our specifications.

And now, without further ado, we present Loowa's new user interface in all its glory, along with its fenomenal music track:

Any comments or suggestions?

Just a few small steps until the end of the road! We're almost there!
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Tying up loose ends

Tying up loose ends


We're almost at the end of the road and everything is falling into place, from animations to SFX and music.

"Loowa, tell me your story!"

"Loowa, tell me your story!"


Lucas' story is told with the help of illustrations collected throughout the game.

More pieces in the puzzle(s)

More pieces in the puzzle(s)


Progress in our Beta Build and more pieces are added to our new puzzles!

Introducing Lucas' sanctuary

Introducing Lucas' sanctuary


Concept art for Lucas' bedroom, the place that's most dear to his heart.

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I gotta admit, those are some really good questions to play around with, and they will surely pave the way for some tight game design. The only downside is that now I'm legitimately curious about this new path that soon approaches!

Good luck and keep up the great work!

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