Welcome to Puzzledorf, the land of puzzles! Puzzledorf is full of vibrant, block-pushing puzzles where simplicity meets surprising solutions. This game will help teach you how to solve puzzles as you go; a puzzle game for everyone.


  • Match coloured blocks to the coloured crosses
  • Colour blind options
  • Beginner puzzles to ease in new players
  • Classic block-pushing + Ice sliding puzzles
  • Steam Achievements and Local High Scores
  • Cloud Saves (Play on any PC and continue where you last played)
  • Different bright, colourful worlds
  • Mirror Mode
  • Undo Mistakes
  • Relaxing Music

Puzzledorf is a fun way to exercise your brain whilst immersing yourself in the vibrant, 2D art.

“The classic box pushing puzzle game is especially fun if set up well, and Puzzeldorf is short, sweet, but immensely satisfying.” 88/100 – CCGR

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"Puzzledorf is full of surprisingly difficult puzzles that will have you scratching your head up until your 'a-ha' moment. So much love went into this game and it shows. Absolute hidden gem!" - Hands-Off Gaming

"Sokoban variation (normal crates and obstacles) with nice pixel graphics." - Puzzled Puzzles

"Puzzledorf smoothly blends in tactical and strategic play giving the player full control how to figure out the complex puzzle, plan where you want to place the piece's before you make your move." - Indie Recommendations


"I was motivated enough to 100% it. That must say something about the quality, right?" -
Lord Victor

"I cannot pin it down but this Sokoban has something." - Thisha

"It unexpectedly pulls you into a world you didn't know you were missing from... A game that calms you and raises your intelligence... It doesn't make you feel stupid; instead, it provides a strange level of clarity, making you instantly feel smarter." - Pweruvian

"This game is amazing! Really enjoying the vibes." - Summoners Drift

"If I were to describe Puzzledorf in one word, it would be 'elegant'." - AP

"Really cute, well done puzzle game, the charm of the graphics style and the super satisfying retro sound effects are great... challenging without being infuriatingly difficult." - Kat

"You will not be disappointed with this little gem of a game." - swcoghlan

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Come and join the new Stuart’s Pixel Games Discord Server!

Join Here.

I’ve been wanting to create a community for Puzzledorf and Stuart’s Pixel Games for a while. Discord seemed an appropriate place. But then I thought, “Why not make it about Game Development too?” So that’s what I’m trying to create. It will likely evolve with time.

At the moment there channels for:

  • Game Development
  • General Chat
  • Different games I’m working on
  • Bug reports

I will potentially expand the channels as the server grows. For now, you can talk about anything game dev related in the game dev chat and I might expand it out into different disciplines later when there’s enough people wanting it.

I want the Discord Server not just to be about my games but to also compliment my blog’s tutorials and articles. I’ve got areas where I will be pinning various links for tutorials, tools and other resources I found helpful for game development. Hopefully others will chime in with their own links so everyone can grow.

And of course I will be sharing the latest developments on Puzzledorf, where I am currently working on console ports and some new puzzles in The Ruins update.

Ruins World 1 Concept Art

And there is that new RPG prototype that I’m working on (early prototype graphics below, focus is on mechanics at this moment – it will likely look more like Puzzledorf when it’s done). I will likely be sharing sneak peeks on Discord before anywhere else (and maybe Twitter).

So if you’d like a place to chill and chat about those things, learn something new or meet some like minds, come along and say hi. Bear in mind I’ve only just made it, it’s early days yet, but I’m sure we can get something great going.

Join Here.

94/100 - Puzzledorf's Review From CCGR Updated!

94/100 - Puzzledorf's Review From CCGR Updated!


Puzzledorf's review score from CCGR has been updated to 94/100 thanks to the recent update!

Puzzledorf: Beginner Puzzles, New Soundtrack & Graphics - Out Now!

Puzzledorf: Beginner Puzzles, New Soundtrack & Graphics - Out Now!


New beginner puzzles have been added and the final graphics update is now in-game. The soundtrack is now for sale as well.

Out Today - New Classic Music

Out Today - New Classic Music

News 2 comments

A new update is out for Puzzledorf on Steam today. The new music for Classic Mode is out - inside is a summary of all changes.

Music Incoming - Puzzledorf Classic Mode

Music Incoming - Puzzledorf Classic Mode


I've decided to split the next big update, with the new soundtrack and graphics, into several smaller updates. Here's what's coming.


Please put this on a DRM-free pmlateform such as itch.io.
Will never buy it from Steam

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StuartsPixels Creator

I have no plans for that at this stage but there are plans to port it to other platforms such as console in the future.

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