You're a girl who can modify the game-variables in the objects around you.

Also, you can summon C.L.A.R.A, a friendly robot willing to help you in your adventures. There are many variations in the way each level is played, but we prefer to keep the details secret. It's a surprise.

Complete the levels and be part of an adventure that will change the world!

Object interaction:

You can interact with the objects using your character, a message will appear showing you the different actions you can perform. You can also switch between actions.

Modifying game-variables:

You can switch to the editor-mode in order to modify the game variables around you.

Each game-object has multiple variables and functions.

You can also create a window to do a certain action faster.

Each modification costs a fragment, so try not waste them.

Summoning CLARA:

If you need to cross through a narrow place, reach a button, a switch, a lever, or any random object that is out of reach, you can call for help. C.L.A.R.A. is a friendly robot that is willing to help you unconditionally, but be careful, she can only be called a certain number of times, make the very best of each call.

Nora Porter

Intelligent, charismatic, full of energy, self-confident and loving (most of the time). Nora is a girl who must adapt to her new reality, her life has taken a 180° turn and she knows that the best thing to do is to keep going; however, the path she chose to follow is more difficult than she thought. You'll play with her a big part of the game, so she's basically the main character.

Marco Ruiz

A 34-year-old man, sarcastic, curious, good-hearted. Marco is incapable of feeling any kind of empathy, life has made him a hard man who must take charge of his decisions; he owns all the facilities, created Alisson and made Nora's robotic body, saving her life. In his youth he discovered the way to alter reality by coding; basically, he's the one who started it all.


She is a robot created by Marco to help with tasks within the facility; he programmed her emotions according to his personality, so most of the time she thinks and acts like Marco would with very little variation. However, over time she has begun to seek her own identity.

The game's still in development, very soon the first three levels will be released, and as time goes by through updates we will be adding more content.
Stay tuned for more news!

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It's been a long time since I published here haha, the current phase of the project is a totally different one from the one I showed in September, I've listed the most significant changes so you can get some guidance on all the new content in the game.

  • New Logo

new logo

So, I'm sure you will think that this is not a big change, but in one way or another it helps the game to have a certain personality. Not to mention that it's more eye-catching, and it's in line with the game's format.

  • Now With a Tutorial

Yes, I have noticed that the controls, or well, the gameplay in general, is very complicated if it is not explained correctly. I really don't know why I had the idea that simply by showing the controls in the game description people would understand what to do haha.

However, the tutorial is not yet finished, of course, it is "stable" and fulfills its main function, but I still feel that there are certain details that need to be corrected.



  • Improved Animations

The animations are now more smooth, and have a bit more visual effects.


  • More Decoration

Now there are paintings, chairs, tables, portraits, birds, much more decoration than in the previous versions! And we will keep adding more and more until no part of the level feels empty.


  • Lights Fixed!

This is a detail that had bothered me for some time, the lighting in certain objects is too saturated, finally I managed to level each object so that this does not happen!


  • New UI

Yeah, just like the logo gave a lot of personality to the game, this new interface gives it soul! To tell the truth I wanted to keep a minimalist style with the command bar, but since it is a fundamental piece in the game, I decided to make it prettier.

This is the old interface:


This is the new one:


Here's a little gameplay, if you don't want to fill up with first level spoilers, please don't watch it and better solve it on your own, it will be fun!

I would really appreciate it if you would take some time to test the game and give me feedback, so that I can improve the gameplay in future versions!

New Commands and Features to Play!

New Commands and Features to Play!


After a week of intense work correcting bugs and polishing some mechanics, I am pleased to announce that the new version of Larissa-CODE has finally come...

Some implementations in the dialogue system | DevLog #1

Some implementations in the dialogue system | DevLog #1


Update on the creation process: Improvements in the dialogue system and performance in general. Changes in visual effects. New character designs.

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