KARANTIIN is a atmospheric roleplay action adventure true first person horror shooter with physics.

>KARANTIIN is an Estonian word for Quarantine.

I am not going to rush with updates, because rushing causes more work later on.
Don't worry about the music, you are allowed to use the music on videos, original work.

Update 2.0 note:
I actually have to apologize for the delay on the 2.0 version, I just promised new levels and thats what i have been doing all this time. I could just put toghether some random levels, but i think the levels need to be more immersive, so im actually taking my time here.



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For Windows. x86 and x64 (32-bit & 64-bit)

23.03.2022 - v2.0 Updates
· New story levels. (MAJOR)
· Open World (MAJOR)
· Added Radiation zones.
· New item: Iodine Tablets.
· Added Radiation UI.
· Weapon Revolver improved with new sounds.
· Ability to set Sensitivity for Snipers.
· Ability to edit Sniper Aiming Sensitivity in General Options.
· Improved Slow Zombies speed and health.
· Improved Demon speed and health.
· Bloom and Ambitement Occlusion default is enabled.
· Added new reloading animation for AK74m.
· Added new reloading animation for AK74u.
· Added new reloading animation for AK12.
· Added new reloading animation for Thompson.
· More badass horror supporting Flashlight.
· New weapon: P90.
· New item: Inventory Expansion pack.
· Ability to expand inventory slots.
· New weapon firing sounds.
· Fixed Bug: Switching weapons while ADS, breaks animation.
· Ability to close Inventory and Computer panels with ESC key.
· New and more immersive shadows.
· New enviroment object, Supply Crate.
· when player gets hit, plays a noticeable sound.
· New player take damage sounds.
· More immersive Grunt AI.
· Even more brutal AI, they don't wait before attack.
· Added a lot of LOD (level of detail) to support Open World with good Framerate.
· Added LOD (level of detail) for zombies to support better Framerate.
· Pickup notification UI activates from right side.
· Trees, bushes, rocks, mushrooms, terrain height and textures for Open World.
· New realtime lights controller, that basically disables realtime lights (lights that make shadows) if the player is far away, the system allows to have more realtime lights in the scene and keeps the fps higher! (may sometimes see this happening but is supports the Open World)
· Food system where player needs to pickup food items and consume them from time to time, this is necessary to keep the energy levels high.
· Thirst system where player needs to pickup drink items and consume them from time to time, this is necessary to keep the energy levels high.
· Food and Thirst UI.
· Food and Thirst Icons.
· New drink items icon.
· Some weapons have laser sights.
· Inventory context opens with right click only, left click selects the item.
· Spiders die by animations. (people asked for this a lot)
· Shotgun reload just puts in the bullet, doesn't charge the rifle anymore.
· Double clicking items in inventory Uses the items.
· Double clicking items in containers stores the items.
· Tactical Flashlight is a item now, it needs to take 1 inventory space in order to use the flashlight with V key.
· 6 Different looking spiders.
· Added a very slight crosshair with 1% visibility for picking up objects easier.
· Fixed issue: On load enemies spawn again.
· Added some music to backround. (will get better with time)
· Mixed together old levels with new ones.


You don't have to but if you insist there is a way to support this project.
When you download the game from itch.io you can also name your own price, that way you can support KARANTIIN, but it has a long waiting time and cannot be used straight away.

If you don't wish to name your price from itch.io and want to help fast as possible you can also support this project with paypal:


(PayPal has processing fees)

that way you can deposit a donation directly and this donation can be used for the project straight away!


Something not related to standalone KARANTIIN, introducing the KARANTIIN VR. Still a long way to go, but will be cool! Working hard on it!

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KARANTIIN Version 1.9 In this version you are free to test out few levels, weapons, items and wavemode.

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