Greywater is a hack-and-slash RPG set in a dystopian Steampunk world for PC, Mac and Linux (and possibly even tablet). It is inspired by games like the original Diablo, and point-and-click adventures. It will include a few puzzler elements, and a simple, efficient crafting system.

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Hello everyone! My name is Eleanor and it has been my privilege to embark on the wonderful, yet terrifying task of translating the thoughts and ideas of many talented minds into the visual plane.That is to say, I make the concept art for Greywater.

I first started work on the designs for the landscape and general imagery of Greywater drawing influence both from the traditional Steampunk/Victorian aesthetic, as well as etchings and illustrations for children's books. Because my initial drawings were rather positively received by the team, I decided to carry the same influences forward for my current task: the characters who inhabit Old Town (although the Tinkerer does have something of an Alpine sea-captain vibe going on).

The general process for my work is fairly straightforward: I produce loose sketches for the character or subject, and the rest of the team provides feedback which goes into revising and honing the appearance of the subject for future sketches, until we reach a consensus for the final drawings.

Without further ado, I present to you a sampling of my work:

The Machinist (to whom Tavish is apprenticed)image

The Doctor


The Tinkerer


Oldtown Greywater
The Tinkerer's Houseimage

A Rough Map of Oldtownimage

The Heart of Oldtown
as seen from above (rough draft)image

Various Oldtown Flora

— Eleanor

Tavish's Theme - Behind the music of Greywater RPG

Tavish's Theme - Behind the music of Greywater RPG


A video overview of the composition process for the music of Greywater RPG.

 What’s In the Pipe (News, news, news!)

What’s In the Pipe (News, news, news!)


Prettified concept art is coming, as is a new music post (included is a sneak peek). Alpha 2.0 is almost ready and multiplayer is a solid Maybe. (Steampunk...

Lore Spotlight: Oldtown Greywater

Lore Spotlight: Oldtown Greywater


A snippet of backstory behind the first town you'll encounter in Greywater.

TeamSweepy Creator

We don't check this page often, but things are moving along. Alpha v2 is mostly ready for distribution, we're just cleaning up the code. For the latest news, visit our twitter or tumblr!

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Not much to report this month as team is busy with holiday tomfoolery. Major characters get backstory overhauls while I get fat on cake -Ben

Dec 20 2014

We're still alive! Posting soon: New concept art, Title theme, character & story stuff. Slightly less soon: Alpha v2. #indiedev #gamedev

Nov 24 2014

The concept art megapost is here! Prepare to OD on gloomy steampunky goodness. #GameDev #GameArt #IndieGame

Sep 20 2014

Wonder how your favorite game music is made? Watch us break down Tavish's theme! #IndieGame #GameMusic #RPG

Sep 4 2014

Jumped from 13,000th place on IndieDB to 700, 500, 700, and now 192. So we've got that going for us, which is nice.

Jul 7 2014

If you haven't already, give our ambient-tastic Sewer theme a listen! #Greywater #Indiegame #Soundtrack #Asparagus

Jul 6 2014

News, new, news! - Hey everybody! Today I'd like to tell you a little bit about what we have in the pipe.

Jul 6 2014

HGE Recap! We wanted to talk about the Expo that is basically responsible for this project existing at all.

May 31 2014

Photoset: The Faces of Sleep Deprivation

May 31 2014