Frozen Hell is a singleplayer/co-op game set on the frozen Earth, we hope to add multiplayer later. We don't want to reveal a lot about the story. The year is 2021. The ozonelayer is getting thinner and thinner. Scientists wanted to fix this issue by making a custom synthetic ozonelayer. To do this they had to destroy the old one. In the progress, the device set to help us got unstable, made the Earth frozen and killed the entire research complex.People who hasn't had equipment to survive this massive cold temperatures died in few hours.Later on, these who survived started being unable to escape the deadly earthquakes and icestorms, so the population got lowered again. After you have found the only scientist who has somehow survived the incident, he warns you of the future.Your journey is set to find the device. Frozen Hell will have a lot of interesting gameplay mechanics, for example, dynamic icestorms and earthquakes. Game is runned by UDK, we hope to upgrade to Unreal Engine 4

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Start of an amazing trip


We have started on this amazing game few weeks ago, we hoped to have more content to keep people more interested, this will have to do. Remember this game is developed only by few people, we hope to find more and more interested skilled people to join us.
Current job positions that are available:

  1. Level Designer
  2. Modeler
  3. Programmer
  4. Sound designer

Game is powered by UDK.

Cleed - - 48 comments

Interesting project. Nice models, interesting story. Good luck!

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