First Dwarf is an immersive action RPG with base building elements, which will test your survival and exploration skills in a fantasy open world, sprawling on islands floating in the sky.

Planet Driftland is no more - a war between mages of four races has shattered the globe into floating islands and the inhabitants turned into barbaric tribes. Amongst the desolation the dwarves prevailed, but not for long - resources are running short and the once great civilization is catching its last breath. In a desperate attempt to secure the future, mighty airships are sent to the celestial islands in search of materials to save the dwarven kingdom.

Tru is one of the scouting engineers in a mech, sent to explore new lands hidden in the clouds and find suitable spots for settlements. In his mission he will gather resources, build bases, collect mana to fuel your mechanical armor and fight against dangerous threats by setting up defenses and personally engaging in combat. But the real quest before him is discovering the truth behind his father’s past and uncovering the secret, which will shape the future of the dwarven kingdom..

Game features:

  • Explore the world in mana-powered mechanical armor. Upgrade it to unlock new exciting abilities that will help you discover more locations in the vast open world in the clouds.
  • Build various structures to defend yourself and to establish a new colony for your people.
  • Fight numerous dangers of the Driftland’s wildlands: barbarian tribes, wild creatures, or natural disasters. Secure the area and make it more hospitable for dwarven settlers.
  • Uncover the mysterious secrets of the ancients, while unveiling the story of the hero's family.
  • Play as Ragna The Dragon and help your dwarven protagonist explore the world of Driftlands.
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Hello, Dwarves!

The date of the First Dwarf Early Access release has been revealed! Watch our completely NEW trailer announcing the exact day that you should RUN to our Steam page!

It’s JUNE 19th 2024!

How much will it cost?

The price of Early Access is going to be 24,99$ / 24,99 Euro / 89,99 PLN / 20,99 GBP

We are a Polish studio and that’s why we have a very special offer for our Polish gamers! The price in Polish złoty is lower. 😁 If you want to know the price of our game in your country, let us know in the comments!

Along with the announcement of our prices, we prepared a challenge for you, which you can check out below!

Download the DEMO

While we wait for Early Access, our Demo is already available to try for FREE! Did you play it? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Community Challenge! May the whole world hear about First Dwarf!
TA-DA! We have a BIG SURPRISE for you! 🎉

To make things even more exciting, we decided to announce a challenge for all of you! Yes, ALL of you can take part and it’s super easy!

We want to celebrate the Early Access release of First Dwarf with our awesome community. You can earn a launch discount, if our Community Steam Group will get a high enough number.

Here are the 3 goals we established:

Deadline for meeting the goals is June 19th, the date of First Dwarf Early Access release.

Tell everyone about First Dwarf
By wishlisting First Dwarf you’re not only heightening your chances for the bigger discount during our Early Access launch, but also helps us A TON. For a small indie studio like us, it’s really a big deal. Adding games to your wishlist, helps us with visibility. That means a bigger possibility for success and spreading the love for tough dwarves and dragons!

Do you know the game “Tomato”? Yeah, that’s what you can do now, but change tomato to…

May all your friends, all your family and the WHOLE WORLD know about First Dwarf!

Other ways to help us
Adding First Dwarf to your wishlist will really help us a lot, but we’d be extremely happy if you’d follow us on our social media:

And MOST importantly, join our Discord server! During the launch there will be plenty of things to discuss and we can’t wait to meet you!!

We are ready!!

Play the DEMO on June 8th!

Play the DEMO on June 8th!


Hi, Dwarves! 🧔‍♂️ Are you ready to play the First Dwarf DEMO on June 8th? We just can’t wait to share our work with you. Everyone will finally...

Playtest 2.0 - online co-op mode and new update

Playtest 2.0 - online co-op mode and new update


Today is the day, Dwarves! 🛠 Make sure your Playtest is updated to 0.253 version!

First Round of Playtest - A Summary

First Round of Playtest - A Summary


Statistics, contest results and what's next. Check our newest devlog.

The Start of First Dwarf Playtest and IGN gameplay overview!

The Start of First Dwarf Playtest and IGN gameplay overview!


How are you today, Dwarves? Excited as we are? We sure hope so! 🍀🌟

Reiver - - 3 comments

NICE vertex weighting on Tru! BIP for the dance? If not, NICE anim too ;D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
LunarShuriken - - 1,292 comments

Can't wait for the full release!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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