Become the hero of your dreams in this epic fantasy action VR game.

Eternity Warriors™ is globally recognized by millions of fans, debuting 6 years ago on mobile. Now available in VR!


  • Tencent’s "Best VR Game" (2017)
  • HTC and NVIDIA’s "Best Graphics VR Game" (2017)
  • HTC "Best VR Games" (2017) Nominee


  • Immersive, heart-stopping gameplay
  • Arcade style combat
  • Short mission based sessions


  • Hack & slash through enemies, or rain down fire upon them
  • Play as The Warrior, The Hunter, or The Gunner


  • Stunning visuals, and apocalyptic environments
  • Epic boss battles
  • New fierce characters, and classic monsters from the original mobile games


Battle along with fellow heroes in real-time co-op multiplayer


This is an Early Access (Beta) version, more updates to follow in the near future.

In early April, we did Alpha testing at Arcade shops in Asia, and gathered important user feedback. Gamers are excited to see Eternity Warriors™ in VR!

We welcome any questions or suggestions:





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The uber successful action RPG franchise Eternity Warriors is slashing its way to virtual reality with ETERNITY WARRIORS VR™. Bringing its signature cinematic over-the-top style of combat to the world of VR. Launching on Steam VR Early Access on Steam in Mid September at a discounted price. The game will be compatible with both HTC VIVE and OCULUS RIFT. Visit the Steam store page more info


ETERNITY WARRIORS VR™ is a true Action VR game, where players take on hordes of enemies as one of three classes in both single and multiplayer modes. Each hero class offers their own unique tactics which can be taken into battle. The Warrior armed with a mighty sword and shield can fling enemies into the air and punish them with their sword. The Hunter and its deadly bow and arrow, can utilize two arrows types explosive and homing to snipe the enemy. And the Gunner wielding a devastating pistol and shotgun, can charge the pistol to take on distant foes and use the shotgun blow away anyone who gets up in their face. All this combined with varied enemy types and terrain, players will need to physically and mentally ready for each battle.

VANIMALS is a small independent developer made of a small team of industry veterans of the Action RPG genre. With backgrounds at Glu, Gameloft and the hugely successful Eternity Warriors series for mobile. For more info visit


PRESS INFO: Press kit with screenshots and video available at

Eternity Warriors VR Greenlit On Steam via VRFocus

Eternity Warriors VR Greenlit On Steam via VRFocus


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Let’s Fight! Vanimals Will Bring “Eternity Warriors VR” As A Strong Presence At ChinaJoy


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