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This is a great and a useful guide for all DOOM 3 Players to play it online after Master servers went down .

Posted by on - Basic Server Tools

Like everyone knows, DOOM 3 Master servers are pretty unstable these days and going down from time to time, It might even come to the part that Bethesda will finally decide to shut it down because it is barely active or due to the somewhat bad netcode , However here's a guide on how to play on last servers available .

Summary :

1 - Dealing with errors

  • Client unknown to auth error .
  • Solution for not seeing servers in List .
  • Missing required files .
  • Different protocol Version .
  • CD-Key already in use error .
  • Lag solution
  • Crash on joining/map loading
  • Server restarts game and Crashes it
  • Files not matching

2 - Joining a game server

  • Required tools .
  • Joining a game using IP Adresse .
  • Joining a game using Alt Server browsers .

A - Dealing with errors :

"Client unknown to auth" error :

Happens mostly for CD-Retail versions but can also happen to Steam version sometimes, It is because the server you're attempting to join is started in a wrong manner, or because the Master servers are down (Ingame servers list empty), you can avoid this error by starting your server properly,

Open your base/DoomConfig.cfg using Notepad and replace the following lines with these :

seta net_master4 ""
seta net_master3 ""
seta net_master2 ""
seta net_master1 ""

Next time you start your server, joiners won't get this error, Steam users already have their DoomConfig.cfgs set-up so they don't need to do anything .

Can't see any servers :

This is because the Master server went down , However you can follow the steps below to join games using alternate ways (Part B) , some servers however may still cause "Client unknown to auth" error, read about it above to find how to fix it.

Missing required files to join :

This must be because the server is running a Custom mod or something, if the Server allows downloading you can directly download it from there, if Not you're gonna have to find it on Internet (Usually on mod's official page) .

Mod installed but still asks for files to download :

You have installed the wrong mod version that server is running, if the Server allows downloading you can directly download it from there, if Not you're gonna have to find it on Internet (Usually on mod's official page or Server webpage) .

The server is using a different protocol version than yours :

This can be because you're running an outdated version of the game or server haven't yet been updated to latest game version, make sure to install the Latest update patch before joining again .

CD Key is already in use :

The Master server has detected that your CD Key is already in use, Contact Bethesda if you think this is not supposed to happen .

I'm lagging badly in servers even when my Ping is low :

Try change Data rate in Multiplayer options to something else (depending on your situation), DSL/CABLE works alright for me , or try them all, you won't lose anything ;) .

My game crashes as soon as the map loading starts :

Restart your computer, yes this might sound like a stupid way but it fixed it for me many times before .

Server restarts the game and crashes it :

Server is trying to load the required mod before allowing you to join by Restarting the engine, But because of a bug in the Current game version it is most likely going to Crash the game on next startup, To fix this find out which mod and game base is the server running at, then join it Manually by following the Next trick

  1. Right click your Doom 3 Shortcut and add the following parameters : +set fs_game MODFOLDER +set fs_game_base BASEFOLDER (d3xp or base)
  2. Join the server

If you started the required mod and game base in an appropriate way, The server won't require the game to restart, and there you go .

Files didn't match server files :

You've possibly downloaded the wrong version of the Mod that the server is running, Check which mod version is the server running and install it then retry . if the Server allows downloading you can directly download it from there, if Not you're gonna have to find it on Internet (Usually on mod's official page) .

B - Joining games :

While i And a few people are still playing on some servers these days, you can also join us, The next trick does not require Master server to be up, However it'll allow you to reach the last servers online .

Required tools :

  • A CD Retail or a Steam version of DOOM 3 .
  • A Server browsing site like Gametracker and GameMonitor .
  • Optional : A Software server browser like QTracker

How-to (Server browsing website) :

  1. Get the IP of the server you want to join from Any server browsing website .
  2. Open the game and activate the Console .
  3. Write connect followed by the IP of the server and the port (You can past it with CTRL+V if you have copied it) "Example : connect 125.612.33.48:7755"
  4. Press enter and wait for loading to finish .

Optional (Server browsing program) : If the step above was to complicated for you to follow, try the next trick , if you can't see any servers then Master servers are down , so just follow the Previous trick in this case.

  1. Get a server Browsing program like QTracker or HLSW and set it up .
  2. Find a server and Join it .

Mster Server Online Doom3 v1.3.1 >>idnet.ua-corp.com:27650<<

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