The lone survivor of a horrific alien infestation finds himself confronting a new nightmare. No one expects to come in contact with the marker without being affected. Battling dementia, hunted by the government who want to pry open the secrets he has, and haunted by visions of his dead girlfriend... Isaac will do whatever it takes to save himself.

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H G C 21006 P1of4

Halloween Competition 1 of 4 / Starts now!!

~ Chance to win a package on Steam called "Dead Space Pack" ~

Some info about Dead Space: "The player controls Isaac Clarke, a ship systems engineer who must fight his way through a mining starship infested with an alien scourge. The crew has been slaughtered, and their corpses reanimated into creatures known as "Necromorphs". Various types of necromorph appear throughout the game, each with different abilities and requiring different tactics to defeat. The game is played from an over-the-shoulder third-person perspective."

dead space wallpaper2

Halloween Game Contest (Dead Space pack)

~ Answer the following questions to win the package ~

  • Question 01: You are on a spaceship because you work there and sudden comes monsters on the spaceship. What will you do first? Run for your life or start killing the monsters?
  • Question 02: You hear someone who needs help, who is attacked by monsters. But you have no guns just fighting weapons. Would you still tried to help that person?
  • Question 03: You see a rescue capsule that can get you away from the spaceship, but there are monsters blocking your way to the rescue capsule. Will you still try and beat your way through the monsters, even though this can cost your life?

This competition is under the Rule nr. 01 - (Game Competition Info)
Only one lucky winner will be drawn in this competition.
This competition will expire 07.10.2016 - (The competition is now close!)
Those who win will be contacted by those who Sponsor this competition.
The game will be handed on PC through Steam.
To aid delivery through Steam friend one of the Sponsors.
To see Sponsor list refer to main blog here.

Sponsor of this competition is: Kark-Jocke

~ I wish you all good luck and may the best survivor win ~

Game Competition (Dead Space™ 2)

Game Competition (Dead Space™ 2)

News 5 comments

In this competition you have the chance to win the game called: Dead Space™ 2 / In this contest, there will be three winners!

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Isaac Clarke - Black Straitjacket Reskin

Isaac Clarke - Black Straitjacket Reskin

Players Skin

*TEXMOD REQUIRED* This mod simply reskins Isaac's early-game straitjacket to a sleek, black, bloody design. Just you, your plasma cutter, and your sanity...

Light Purple Elite Advanced Suit

Light Purple Elite Advanced Suit

Players Skin 1 comment

Elite advanced suit is recolored Light purple and with matching Agility Rivetgun

ENB and SweetFX for Dead Space 2

ENB and SweetFX for Dead Space 2

Effects GFX 15 comments

ENB and SweetFX for Dead Space 2. This is a Place and Play, no adjustments required.

Patch 1.1

Patch 1.1


EA has released the first patch for the PC version of Dead Space 2. Check more details for patch changes.

All Weapons Mod

All Weapons Mod

Full Version

This package includes everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING. Every Weapon! Every Suit! (available for PC) And most importantly, the hand cannon!


Loved this game. Still hating EA.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I finish this game and it's ******* awsome VERY much work of visceral games.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

EA Games: Great releases, ****** business practices.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

If anyone hates having the "DLC suits and weapons there costing $0 credits", just grab the original version of your exe and replace the one currently in Dead Space folder. Everything the patch did should be reversed.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Interesting. A great game with EA's name on it, and no one is here complaining about how horrible of a company EA is. TONS of indie games under their belt, no one complaining there either. EA makes some of the greatest games possible by providing the funds, and all they ask is that their investment has a return. Everyone thinks that makes them greedy, and all the intelligent people who understand business think you're all stupid. Quit complaining about EA for the worst reasons. It's a corporation, of course there will be things about them that you don't like. Guess what, they make games happen, and some of the best ones in the world have been because of them.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

EA games has had many issues with poor customer service. Including not responding properly to complaints, adding a computer harming device to their games (SecuROM), and most recently, adding Spyware, the origin software scans your computer and logs all your files, hardware profiles and program data to see if there are any other EA games on your PC, as well as a few other things (like personal information). Agreeing to Origin's TOS effectively gives EA permission to this and sell the info to 3rd parties. What does this have to do with EA "being a business". Invading privacy (it's illegal for a business you work for to give out your personal information yet this program pretty much gives them permission to do this?) and selling broken games that won't work as soon as your internet gets a lagspike?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes

A lot of companies seem to have these problems, especially Steam with its "support".

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes


Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
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What made Dead Space 2 a successful sequel, in my opinion, was that it built so well on the original formula. Not a whole lot was significantly changed except for the addition of multiplayer (which I have yet to try, as it is online only) and the revamping of the sequences without gravity (which they did a great job of, these were really cumbersome in the original). The Sprawl, where much of the game takes place, is full of very interesting environments, which I think the game really benefited from…

Mar 15 2012 by TheUnbeholden

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