(Game competition here on DBolical.com) This is just a normal group for people who can win great prizes. All competitions will have different marks on them, which will show who is sponsoring the game. The different contests to come is not sponsored by DBolical.com - As long as you have a DBolical.com user and a Steam user you will have permission to join the group.

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All the information you need to know about before you can participate.

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[Kark-Jocke Game Competition here on ModDB.com]

~ Get chances to win prizes ~

Lately I have had very many readers of my news and blogs in the last few years, so many people who send me privat messages about questions about different things about games, anime, movies, etc.

But many people wondered if I should start the game contests any time soon and I should. This is the group I'm going to use when I make a contest (K-J Game Competition)

This will be different contests with different type of games. It's going to be old games, games you haven't heard so much about and with luck, it will be an exclusive game.

There will be all kinds of games from year 1990 to now. Everyone is permittedto participateinthese competitionsto comeanytime.The competitionscan startaboutone day,one week,one monthfrom now,so it'sbestto stayloggedononce a day, to knowwhenit happens.

Most important requirements to participate in these competitions is that you have:

  • ModDB user : So that I can contact you, if you won.
  • Steam user : So that I can send you the game, if you won the competition.

If you do not have one of those, then you can not be in competition. But that does not mean that you can obtain a user here on ModDB or obtain a user to Steam. Like I said, everyone is welcome here. This is game that I only published to PC and not the consoles like PlayStation or Xbox.

Rules to game competition

~ This is very important to know ~

Every contest in the future will have a different mark defining a unique rule to follow. Keep in mind the different marks being released.

  • Rule 01: All the answers you have to the questions that apply to this rule field should be answered in the comments section of the news where the competition is. Any links, other items, etc, that are given to can be released to the public.
  • Rule 02: It is only permitted to answer short (between 1 to 40 words in each of the questions. Max 40 words to answer one question) Links, other items, etc, CAN NOT be sent publicly.
  • Rule 03: Nothing is allowed only this - The answers MUST be sent as a PM to Kark-Jocke, DO NOT reply to the comment field. You are only going to type (I'm in the competition) in the comment section where you found the questions after you have send the PM to Kark-Jocke, nothing more. Do this and you have more chance of winning the game.

~ Old Rules Logos ~

~ New Rules Logoes ~

Kark Jocke Image Ruls 03Kark Jocke Image Ruls 04Kark Jocke Image Ruls 05

~ Remember ~

These rules are only active if they are there with the questions, if rule 01 is just there so is not 02 and 03 active. Then it's just rule 01 that are active and not the other once. So it goes with the others rules. This is to see, if you can hold yourself to the rules. Any questions send PM to Kark-Jocke

  • If you break any of these rules, you will receive a warning for the first time.
  • For the second time, you lose chances to win and you are not allowed to be included in the next, but next time after that are you allowed to join again, if you want.
  • If you break the rules for the third time and do not worry or care about the rules. Will you be banned from all competitionsin the future until the day I give you permission to join again.

~ The Title Of [Competition-Player] ~

And the The Golden Membership Title

People who help to sponsor the competition in every opportunity way they can, will have a chance to get the title [Competition-Player] Like sharing information on facebook for example. I see that you attracting people to this place, you will get the opportunity to get your hands on that title. And if you give out a contest, like I do for other to win games. Your name will be put on the group sponsor list.

New Update 2018: If you get this title, it will give you a chance to win a Ticket without warning. When a contest comes out normaly and you do not win that contest, you can still win a K-J Ticket. The bigger the contest is, the higher chance I will give one of the [Competition-Players] a ticket. It's also like a contest only for those who have this title.

Example: If there are 10 people who have this title, that contest will only be for those who have that title, so does who don't have that title can't join it. So one day it will say "Contest Title Players Only"

The [Golden Membership] Title: Now this title is above [Competition-Players] and is the hardes to get, but is also the best one. With this title you will have a big chance to get a Golden Ticket. It's pretty rare that I even give out a contest like that one. So special days like Halloween or Christmas it can happen that you will receive a Golden Ticket as a gift from me. As a thank you for the support you provide.

But as I said "This title is the hardes to get" which means the only way you can get this, you must first get your hands on the [Competition-Players] title and make sure you don't lose it. Keep giving out info to others about the group. If I see that your a big supporter for the group and help in every way you can. I will consider giving you that title. The only way you can lose that title is if you break the rules or stop helping after you have title. There is no time limit on it.

But before any of this type of contest can even start, K-J group have to become bigger.The group of today have a total of 548 Members and from 10-30 members who join the random contest I give out.

Like I say all the time "The more folks that join, more contest there will be" So good luck to all of you who want to support this group and want to try and get your hands on one of this titles.

Old Update 2014: If there is a competition where you can be handed three prizes to the same Game, the one with the title will have the greater chance of winning. When someone in the competition has this title, then I will choose two untitled competitors and one titled competitor.

The one that has the title will have double the chance of winning. Meaning the two untitled competitors have a 25% chance, whilst you have a 50% chance. But remember! Once you use the title, you lose it, and become an untitled competitor. So use it wisely.

Host of these competitions are: Kark-Jocke

~ If you have any questions please contact me on private message ~

Sakura Matou
Sakura Matou

I would like to make a Note ALL GAME GIVE-A-WAYS Sponsored by me will have their Answers posted on the Comment page please do not PM me. :3

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Kark-Jocke Author

When a competitions are published by me and Sakura Matou is the sponsor of the one competition. Should all of you relate to what she says.

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