Code Name: E is a 1st/3rd person action game with quite the twist! Please read on and get excited! We believe that we got something truly original here.

While struggling to make ends meet, and after finding out you’ve been fired from your job, you sign up for a virtual reality beta test to earn some quick cash. However, you’re in for far more than you expected when you gain first-hand experience with technology that allows your virtual self to alter your very nature: transforming into water, air, fire, or even electricity! Unfortunately, something goes horribly wrong during the test, and you end up with free reign over an evacuated facility.

As you explore, you uncover disturbing pieces of a much larger, darker plot that involves many other participants in the testing, none of whom have been successful. What’s more, unless you can find some way to disable the experimental technology, your fate will not differ much from that of the other participants. You’ve got a lot on your plate: escaping the facility and its henchmen, avoiding other interested parties with stakes in the technology, and most of all, finding a way to get out of the beta testing.

Getting your life back together won’t be easy – but it is your only option as it becomes clear that you are caught in the middle of a massive power struggle for control of the technology that is slowly draining your life force.

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