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Co OPERATION: MultiTurn is a comedic 1-8 player tactical-puzzle game all about teamwork. 🤜🏾🤛🏻 It's like a turn-based Overcooked but more chilled and more thinky. You play as community volunteers treating patients who are running the hospital!

Approachable Controls

Your phone is the controller* 😮 Similar to the Jackbox series of games you join a session by entering the room code on your phone.

* You can use any 2nd device with a web browser e.g. a phone, tablet or laptop.


You can play the game as we designed it and play through all our levels (which we think are fun!). You can also make extra content and levels if you want to, or try content that our friendly community has made:

  • Create your own levels using our level-editor tools
  • Edit and write gameplay scripts in LUA
  • Add and remove 3D art assets
  • Add and remove 2D art assets
  • Add and remove audio assets

Share your inventions with us and with the other creative players over on our Discord :)


Running hospitals is expensive. A clever bean in central government decided that tearing up requirements for medical qualifications would help. Volunteers are now welcome… throughout the country?! 🤷 You decide to enrol and help your local hospital. Find out what the patients need and form a strategy to help them. The more coordinated your team is, the more people you can heal!


Join the Mind Feast Discord and become part of our growing community. Help to shape the game, share levels and mods, hang out with the team and chat with like-minded people who love co-op games ❤️

We’re making MultiTurn: Co OPERATION in public and showing or releasing updates as soon as we make them. Scary stuff! Everyone that joins our Discord server helps us make decisions about what to add to the game. We love talking with the community :)

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Installing packages (mods) is quick and easy. You just have to know which folder to drop the files into. We've spent some time thinking about how to ensure that any mod, big or small, can be played by others without the issue of missing files etc. After you have downloaded somebody's package (mod), follow these simple steps:

  1. Unzip the downloaded package
  2. Open the game (right-click on the game icon if using the Itch app)
  3. Drop the unzipped folder into: Co OPERATION_Data > StreamingAssets > PlayerPackages
  4. Now it should appear in your in-game package browser!


You'll notice that inside the main package folder are separate files for art, levels, codes and sounds. There's also a package.yaml file which has info about the order of the levels and also a thumbnail that is used for the in-game package browser.


We're fairly active on our Discord and play the base game and mods with the community and help people with any mod-related questions etc. Join in if that's your kind of thing.

At the time of writing we're in closed testing for the base game. So If you want a download code for Co OPERATION: MultiTurn, join our email list. We send our Itch download codes every Wednesday at the moment.


Shaz (the game designer)

Modding and Level-Editing from Day 1

Modding and Level-Editing from Day 1

Mapping/Technical Tutorial

The modding tools are designed to make it relatively easy for people to make gameplay changes, aesthetic adjustments and custom level packs. If you want...

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Sherlock Squad and the Haunted Castle

Sherlock Squad and the Haunted Castle

Sherlock Squad and the Haunted Castle Full Version

Use your dazzling detective sherlock squad to help release the ghosts!

Frankenstein Mod

Frankenstein Mod

Frankenstein Mod Full Version

Assemble Frankenstein's Monster in this zany modded package of levels!

Christmas Level Pack Group 10

Christmas Level Pack Group 10

Group 10 University of Plymouth Christmas Level Pack Full Version

A set of Christmas Themed levels with a little twist. Created by Group 10 at the University of Plymouth

Brewed in the Beyond

Brewed in the Beyond

Brewed in the Beyond! Full Version

In this custom mod, your group must brew potions to appease the Greek God of the Underworld Hades. Created by: Matthew Lowsley, Chinaecherem Nwigwe, Pratibha...



Cornwall Schools Challenge Full Version

A mod featuring character designs by kids from Cornwall, UK

EscapeRoom Pack 1 Oct 2023

EscapeRoom Pack 1 Oct 2023

Co Operation: Escape Room mod! Patch

An update to the Co OPERATION Escape Room mod! Enjoy!

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