Close Quarter Battle

What's this ?

Close Quarter Battle is a multiplayer FPS built in Unity, which is strongly inspired by the counter-Strike style.

His key features will be:

  • 20+ weapons available, from the little Five Seven to the big .50 Barrett M82 or the M16A4.
  • No Aim Down Sight ( which is why the game is inspired by Counter-Strike )
  • A shitload of maps !! No, more seriously, we'll try to make 4-5 maps available for release, then we'll update the game to rech 8-10 if possible
  • 4 game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Domination and King of the Hill
  • A multiplayer mode provided by Exit Games with the Photon Unity networking, granting a lot of advantages like: A powerful multiplayer, an in-game text chat and a room system

So it's basically another multiplayer FPS ?

Yeah, pretty much, but it's myfirst game, so I'm developping a simple game to take the software in hand, and maybe after I'll be able to make a bigger game :)

At which state is the project ?

We were originally 5 but everyone left except me, the creator of the studio :/

Now that I am studying coding in an IT school ( I studied Python last year, but this year I'm studying Java, which is a lot more useful ), I can develop much faster and, more than all, I can finally understand Unity :)

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CQB has gone v0.2 !! :D

Since the post about the v0.1 of Close Quarter Battle, a lot of things happened.

The game evolved a lot, but, most of all, the team evolved a lot.

A lot of new members joined the team, some already left because of personnal problems ( or are AFKs ) but it was pretty hertwarming to see that much support.

But we're not here to talk about that, we're here to talk about the improvements made to the game during this transition to the v0.2.

So here is what we basically added / improved ( some little details may be missing tho ):

  • Improved the movement script ( added jump, etc. )
  • Added a working shooting script with recoil management
  • Added a dynamic crosshair ( depending on the recoil )
  • Added a scoreboard ( the feature is there, I now need to convert it to the new Unity 4,6 UI system )
  • Converted the main menu, online menu and settings menu to the new Unity 4,6 UI system
  • Added a changelog section on the main menu, approaching the final design
  • Modelized some props ( skateramps, chairs, kids playground swings... )
  • Improved the polycount and polyflow of old weapons
  • Fixed some bugs about the network

And here are the goals we need to achieve in order to put CQB in v0.3:

  • Fix a lot of bugs linked to a player disconnect ( like deleting him from the scoreboard )
  • Convert the whole UI to the new Unity 4.6 UI system
  • Finish the gamemodes ( make the match end when reaching a given score, then returning back to the lobby )
  • Do more props ( tables, benches, fountain, kid playground... )
  • Begin working on the animations and poses of the soldiers
  • Improve the shooting script by adding the ammo / reloading system
  • Begin the backpack system ( switching between a rifle and gun / knife / grenades... )
  • Make a pretty good part of the first map

So even if we still got a lot of work to do, we're improving the game pretty quickly and now that the gameplay and the UI are nearly finished we'll focus on the content of the game :)

Here are some screenshot ( all of this is WIP, don't forget ;) )

The main menu of the game

The online menu ( still misses 2 buttons )

The settings menu ( updates automatically so no "Save" button )

The new room lobby

The new room lobby once the masterclient chose the map and gamemode

What the scoreboard actually looks like ( built with the old UI system tho )

Bonus ;)

CQB is now in v0.1 !! :D

CQB is now in v0.1 !! :D


Actually it's now in v0.12 as I work pretty fast these days and take a lot of time to write news ;) The game now has a basic gameplay and a working but...


Looks great!

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AyXiit Creator

Thanks :)

I've been inactive for some times because of my studies and now I'm in holidays out of my house but the v0.3 is coming soon :)

I've already finished the scoreboard and reload system, I just need to do the classes / weapon pack system and finish the UI / menu and we're good to go :)

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